Office 365 and business solution consultant required

Akkarouna is procuring an office 365 and business solution consultant for its ICT project to be implemented in Akkarouna offices in the north. The consultant will be supporting Akkarouna in the procurement of the solution directly from Microsoft, while as gathering requirement from Akkarouna internal departments in order to implement and diffuse a fully integrated management system that meets Akkarouna needs and specifications. Specifications, timeline and guidelines listed below or attached.

Requirements and delivrables: Akkarouna NGO will be procuring

  • Office 365 and business solution consultant delivering 90 full days of consultancy while as delivering the services below
  • 45 Office 365 premium users in NGO pricing for 2 years
  • Manageable and customizable hosting  for 2 period with support

This solution will enable Akkarouna to:

  • Enhance seamless communication within team members and organization branches
  • Strengthen Akkarouna governance by acquiring actionable data
  • Reduce the time to execute by having a centralized platform in which it can withhold all Akkarouna information and data
  • Digitize the processes and workflows of HR, procurement, communications and Akkarouna programs

All expected activities and outcomes are in accordance to Akkarouna technical ICT requirements document drafted in the original proposal, all in accordance to already established Baladi Cap policies and procedures.

How to apply

Submission guideline: Consultant is required to provide detailed proposal that includes methodology, timeframe and pricing/per day to [email protected]

Pricing should be in LBP, also providing CV with relevant experiences and supporting documents if needed

Monday, 23. Jul 2018
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Science & Technology