Group training in order to:

  1. Provide general marketing advice for the enrolled participants in the program;
  2. Guide the participants in ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) topics especially after the outbreak of coronavirus and resulting into transition towards online platforms;
  3. Handle All online activities;
  4. Conduct a one-day marketing introduction event where all 15 participants will be present when he will cover the below:
      1. The marketing plan for the” Bab Rizk” hub to improve the market linkages of the participants and enlarge their coverage area to reach villages and cities outside of Tripoli and introducing the participants to this market plan for Bab Rizk;
      2. Brief guidance training on how to expose their services/goods on their virtual stores in the application.

Individual sessions to:

General insight into their individual market plans designed to promote their services or products.

  1. Work with each participant to come up with A digital marketing plan including:
    1. A review of their business’ digital capabilities;
    2. Setting SMART objectives to grow online leads and direct online or indirect offline sales;
    3. Defining digital marketing methods to be invested in;
    4. Defining the resources required for digital marketing.
  2. Introduce each participant to product branding, packaging, and advertising, or pitching their services;

Informing each participant of the different marketing techniques, as well as the breakdown of the marketing-related support.

How to apply

You can apply by filling the below form:

Tuesday, 12. Jan 2021
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Business & Economic Policy, Labor & Livelihoods, Training & Capacity Building
Remuneration range:
2000 to 3000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
6 Months