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Project Summary

Building on the success and efforts of phase I, the UNDP LEAP project is aiming to implement the Youth Political Participation in Elections- Phase II (YPPE II) project in collaboration with Adyan Foundation to empower youth and encourage them to participate in the upcoming 2023 municipal elections. In phase I, UNDP and Adyan Foundation successfully engaged more than 100 youth in the “Youth Mock Parliament” (YMP) through voter education trainings and awareness campaign competitions. At the end of the project, a nationwide competition was held for the best campaigns created by the youth and the winners had their campaign implemented at the national level reaching more than 1 million views on different social media platforms.

A total of 200 young citizens will be involved in the project with the intention to educate them on politics and elections as well as restore their faith in public affairs, away from sectarianism.


The overall aim of the “Youth Political Participation in Elections- Phase II (YPPE II)” project is to increase the political participation of young people in the context of the upcoming 2023 Municipal Elections.

  1. Increase young people’s interest in acting as agents of “constructive change” in political life, especially in the upcoming municipal elections.
  2. Capacitate young people to accept diversity and reduce the imaginary perception of others to better take part in the political and municipal life.
  3. Raising awareness on the role of municipalities and responsible voting in the upcoming 2023 municipal elections.  


Service provider tasks

  • Campaign name & slogan
  • Design: e-card, roll-up banner, social media designs
  • Film the bootcamp
  • Billboards in joint areas
  • Film 14 national awareness campaigns and edit 3 videos out of them
  • Video coverage for the closing ceremony
  • Edit a wrap up video that showcases the whole project+ impact (including subtitling)
  • Coaching: Workshop around “Creation and implement online and offline campaigns” in the bootcamp


Timeline and technical requirements

The work will start on April  12, 2023 and will end on July 2023.  The agency is expected to work as per the tentative schedule below during this period for the project. The contact person will also make himself/herself available for coordination meetings with the team when needed. The dates can be agreed upon in coordination with both parties.

Activity, Task Description & Timeline

1. Develop and plan for social media campaign: (Mid-April)

- The plan should include all the social media material that will produced for the local initiatives campaigns and the National Awareness campaign.

2. Youth Municipal Campaign Bootcamp: (5-6 May)

The bootcamp will include 2 days training for the 14 selected representatives on Inclusive citizenship and how to create public municipal campaign.

- Required from agency to provide Coaching Workshop around “Creation and implement online and offline campaigns”

- Film the bootcamp, produce a wrap up video or reels

3. Launch national awareness campaign across Lebanon (Last week of May- till End of June) 

- Billboards

- Campaigns management for 14 local awareness campaigns: Film 14 national awareness campaigns + edit 3 videos out of them

4. Final closing ceremony  (End of July)

- wrap up video that showcases the whole project’s impact including interviews


Copyrights and confidentiality

All the data and information shared or produced in the framework of this ToR are exclusively the property of Adyan Foundation, who will clearly give credit where due in publication. The service provider has to commit to full confidentiality related to this project, besides what Adyan makes public from its results. 


Code of conduct

The service provider agrees to fully respect Adyan’s ethos and code of conduct that is considered an integral part of this contract.



The service provider will receive the amount of 14,000$ inc VAT to be paid as per the payment plan below. This payment is made in USD and is subject to Lebanese fiscal law. Due taxes, bank charges or similar costs are deduced from the total fees amount.




First payment

30% - 4000USD

Social media plan and campaign directions/bootcamp

Second payment

40% - 6000USD

National Campaign

Third payment

30% - 4000USD

Closing Ceremony

Contract Termination

Adyan has the right to terminate this contract without any compensation if the expert failed to deliver his/her duty as agreed, or because of changes in the finding process of the project or other force majeure that affect its implementation. 

How to apply

All submitted proposals should include agency’s portfolio, a detailed proposal with budget breakdown.

Please submit to [email protected] your proposals before 11/04/2023

Technical questions concerning this solicitation should be directed to [email protected]

Tuesday, 11. Apr 2023
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Call for Applications
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