Agricultural Trainings to the Farmers and Cooperatives in South Lebanon and Bekaa

Project Introduction:
Action Against Hunger is implementing the project “Improving the food security and nutrition of the multi-crisis affected population through the provision of income support and livelihoods restoration in Lebanon`

Type of activity:
Action Against Hunger considers an approach integrating livelihoods provision and livelihoods protection while supporting the vulnerable smallholder farmers and agricultural cooperatives in the Governorates of Bekaa and South. In that regard, most vulnerable farmers receive the productive assets that will boost their productivity and revenue volume under the prevalent fiscal and economic crisis.

Input and assets support as well as facilitation to develop their value chain and accessing new markets are top priorities that will help farmers from Bekaa and the South to revitalize their production and accelerate their businesses. In addition to the productive assets support, there is also a need to increase farmers` knowledge about marketing and branding since most of the farmers do not know exactly how they can better market their products. Therefore, it will be crucial to provide technical support and assistance regarding the marketing techniques as well as strategies to reach new market segments in the country. In that regard, 5 trainings in Bekaa and 3 trainings in South/Nabatiyeh will be organized.

Purpose of the Assignment/Service
The 8 agricultural trainings will increase the technical capacities and fill the knowledge gap of the farmers and cooperative members in the field of agricultural production, processing, and post-production.

Scope of Work

  • The Contractor should provide all the material needed to organize the trainings including the training materials, powerpoint presentation, venue and the set-up.
  • Each training should last minimum 1 day and maximum 5 days.
  • Provide and prepare a venue(s) for trainings or course delivery in line with the following but not limited requirements:
    1. Safety and security with accordance to Ministry of Education conditions
    2. Air conditioner system (centralized or individual which will be sufficient to cover room with 15 people audience)
    3. Proper IT equipment (minimum 720p standard Projector with 80’’ screen)
  • Deliver training or courses content in compliance with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture. Daily course duration shall not exceed 5 working hours.
  • After placing the order for trainings, contractor shall present to ACF the CV of trainers involved into the session. ACF has the right to either approve or decline the suggested trainers based on result of checking candidate’s CV. In case of rejection of the candidate-trainer, contractor shall give the alternative candidate for the approval. The trainer selection process shall not extend at any reason the leadtime for the training preparation;
  • Conduct pre and posttest evaluation to assess the capacity and knowledge of trainees. The assessment results shall be submitted to ACF Focal Point not later than 10 days after the course completion. The methodology for pre- and post-assessment shall be described in the proposer’s offer.

Supervision of Work

  • Action Against Hunger representatives.
  • Action Against Hunger Agricultural Officer and Head of Project.
  • Action Against Hunger may conduct field visits and examine the implementation of trainings and obtain all information regarding the training process.

Estimated duration of the Work
The successful Bidder is expected to organize 8 trainings between 1st of July 2021 until the end of October 2021. The exact date for the trainings will be communicated with the contractor 15 days in advance.

Contractor Responsibilities

  • Prepare training or course venue within fifteen (15) calendar days after receiving of the service contract from ACF Lebanon.
  • The service provider(s) will be responsible for scheduling the trainings/courses in collaboration with ACF during the preparation period for the course;
  • Report to ACF the attendance of trainees using attendance sheet designed by ACF and, in line with data protection requirements, do not share it with third parties without official approval from ACF;
  • At the end of the trainings, the contractor will issue to trainees a completion certificate
  • Submission of activity report after each training
  • Prepare the training venue that can accommodate up to 15-20 trainees per session, taking into consideration COVID-19 precuations
  • Provide training materials, and printed materials (hard and soft copy) of presentations,
  • Facilitate training or courses in Arabic.

Action Against Hunger Roles and Responsibilities

  • Action Against Hunger field team will conduct the selection assessment of the trainees and communicate the list of selected individuals to the Contractor.
  • Action Against Hunger Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) team will liaise with the Local Authorities on behalf of the contractor to help the contractor obtaining all formal authorizations to perform the work. The contractor is not expected to instigate or participate in the Local Authority meetings without the presence and authorisation from Action Against Hunger.
  • Action Against Hunger will ensure that payment to the contractor will be done according to the Terms of Payments as agreed in the Contract.
  • Action Against Hunger Team to visit/inspect facilities at least 5 working days’ prior the training commencement.
  • Action Against Hunger Team to identify the list of trainings to be opened and the timeline as per project plans and demand attendance from trainees/beneficiaries.
  • Action Against Hunger will provide the attendees with the refreshments on a daily basis.
  • Provide relevant tools for reporting including attendance sheet, activities etc.
  • Collect the attendance sheet daily as per demand.
  • Observe and monitor training or course sessions on ad hoc basis.
  • Will collect the pre- and posttests results from the Contractor and conduct evaluation of the training quality.
  • Review and agree with contractor on the agenda of training or courses prior to start of the training.
  • Review and analyse each trainees’ skill improvement as result of their participation in training or course delivered by contractor.
  • Identify, select, and submit names of trainees for a training or course, while the contractor will have 15 working days to prepare and deliver service(s).

How to apply

A successful Bidder should correspond to the following criteria (in order of priority):

  • A training institution / private educational institute / accredited research institute.
  • Minimum 3 year of experience in similar contract.
  • Availability of valid registration certificate and accreditation from Ministry of Education.
  • Availability of requested training packages.

Interested suppliers should send AAH Zahle an email requesting the required documents.

AAH Zahle procurement email: [email protected]

Email subject: PD_LBZB01528_ “The Agricultural Trainings to the Farmers and Cooperatives in South and Bekaa”

Thursday, 22. Jul 2021
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Human Rights & Protection
Remuneration range:
2000 to 3000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
4 months