Call for Participation: Men Engage Network – Lebanon

About Men Engage Global Alliance and Men Engage Lebanon

Men Engage Global Alliance is a space for organizations that work or interested to work on masculinities and engaging men around the globe to and come together in solidarity with those most targeted by gender injustices to collectively place structural barriers to women’s rights and gender equality.

Men Engage Lebanon is a network with member organizations from various local and international organizations working to promote human rights and gender equality in Lebanon. Men Engage Lebanon members aim to collaborate, to boost all its members’ capacities and develop relevant processes in Lebanon aimed at ‘transforming masculinities and engaging boys and men in the struggle for women’s rights and gender equality and the elimination of gender-based violence and discrimination’.

  • Our Vision 

Men Engage Lebanon envision men as integral participants in the force for gender equality, adopting a participatory approach and respecting, ensuring, and promoting human rights to reduce stereotypes within our communities.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a more inclusive Lebanese society by actively engaging men in advancing gender equality. We advocate for positive masculinity, aiming to encourage a cultural shift towards equality. Additionally, we engage our network in exchanging experiences and information to explore effective ways of involving men in this transformative movement.

Call for Participation – Men Engage Network

Through this call, ABAAD invites Local and International organizations to join the Men Engage Network in Lebanon, fostering an environment of collective growth, learning, and mutual challenge. Join us for:

  • Exchange of information and experiences on the latest methods and good practices to engage men as allies in promoting peace, equality, and advocating for social change.
  • Access to a shared space for resources and tools, including guidelines, handbooks, toolkits, reports, and articles.
  • Opportunities to reflect on experiences that others can learn from, including case studies and project highlights.

Selection Criteria for Men Engage Lebanon Membership:

The organizations must meet the following criteria to be selected as member in Men Engage Lebanon:

  • The organization must be legally registered, and a minimum of five years of operation.
  • Registration is considered valid upon submission of the required documents.
  • The organization must have by-laws outlining decision-making mechanisms, administrative and organizational structure, the number of responsible bodies, their powers, criteria for member selection, accountability mechanisms, and conflict resolution procedures.
  • Organizations should demonstrate an interest in transforming masculinities and engaging in work related to men and boys for women's rights, gender integration, child rights, and protection. Previous or potential involvement in masculinities-oriented programming, advocacy, and research is valued.
  • Submission of the organization's audited and certified financial report for the last year is required if there is a potential financial relationship with the Network.
  • The organization's activities must align with the objectives and goals of the Men Engage Alliance, as reflected in its program reports from the last year.
  • The organization must designate a representative to the Network, ensuring that the representative does not hold a leadership position in a political party or a governmental agency.An alternative delegate or substitute representative should be designated, if possible, to replace the original representative as stipulated in the by-laws. The representative and the delegate should also abide by their TORs in the network.
  • The organization must approve the Network's by-laws and code of conduct in writing and commit to operating in accordance with their provisions.


    The deadline for submitting membership applications is: December 31, 2024

How to apply

Please send all the required documents and brief description of your organization including its mission and services  by 31 March 2024, to Ms. Julie kai Chahine – Men Engage coordinator at [email protected]. It is crucial to ensure the timely and complete submission of all required documents.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our transformative network.

Sunday, 31. Mar 2024
Type of Call
Call for Participation
Intervention Sector(s):
Gender issues