Call for Participation: Engaging Civil Society and Youth in Gender-Inclusive Citizenship and Leadership in Lebanon

Call for Participation: Engaging Civil Society and Youth in Gender-Inclusive Citizenship and Leadership in Lebanon


ABAAD is excited to announce an opportunity for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs`) to actively participate in our project “Engaging Civil Society and Youth in Gender-Inclusive Citizenship and Leadership in Lebanon” that is a project funded by the UN Democracy Fund - UNDEF.


About ABAAD:


ABAAD is a non-profit, non-politically affiliated, non-religious civil association that aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable social and economic development in the MENA region. ABAAD seeks to promote women’s equality and participation through policy development, legal reform, gender mainstreaming, engaging men, eliminating discrimination, and advancing and empowering women to participate effectively and fully in their communities. ABAAD also seeks to support and collaborate with civil society organizations that are involved in gender equality programs and advocacy campaigns.





This project will aim at promoting active and inclusive citizenship particularly amongst the country’s civil society and future change-makers: youth. This will contribute to advancing gender equality and will be achieved by engaging and capacitating youth and CSOs to take part in reformative grassroots-level movements. By fostering and consolidating essential allyships within local communities, a multi-stakeholder’s approach is cultivated with the goal of advocating for essential reform, combatting GBV, and forging violence-free societies.


Overall objective:


This project aims to actively engage civil society organizations (CSOs) in advocating for gender equality and fostering active citizenship. The objective is to capacitate and train these organizations on various topics, including gender-inclusive citizenship, movement building, and community mobilization.

CSOs will undergo training in movement building, gender-inclusive citizenship, and gender transformative approaches. They will learn how to plan and execute gender-inclusive advocacy campaigns based on identified key messages, as well as how to establish alliances.

Once trained and capacitated, CSOs will apply their acquired skills by initiating and launching community-based initiatives focusing on gender-inclusive citizenship and addressing gender-based violence (GBV) through movement building and community mobilization in collaboration with other community members.

These community initiatives will collectively contribute to launching an action advocacy campaign highlighting the commitment and capability of youths and CSOs as agents of change.

Requirements and Criteria:


  • Civil society organizations currently registered and actively engaged in projects within the past two years in Lebanon are eligible.
  • Each organization should nominate only two representatives committed to the entire training and implementation period.
  • Prior experience in working with diverse target groups, particularly focusing on youth, women, people with disabilities, or marginalized communities, is preferred.
  • A strong commitment to gender equality and youth empowerment is essential for application.
  • Organizations operating in sectors like education, advocacy, community development, human rights, civic engagement, Youth engagement and support for people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to participate.
  • Adherence to values of diversity, equity, and inclusion is expected.
  • Demonstrated keen interest and willingness to fully engage in both the training sessions and the subsequent implementation of community-based initiatives is required.
  • Willingness to commit to participating in training sessions, engaging in various activities, and fostering collaboration with fellow CSOs and implementing community-based initiatives.
  • Organizations and CSO’s showcasing a dedicated commitment to gender equality, youth empowerment and active in education, advocacy, community development, human rights, civic engagement, and supporting people with disabilities are particularly urged to take part.

How to apply

Interested candidates should apply through this following link before the 05/20/2024.


Additionally, applicants are requested to include an expression of interest letter detailing their motivation for applying to this opportunity and outlining how they intend to integrate the knowledge gained from these trainings into their professional initiatives and projects on the following email: [email protected]

Monday, 20. May 2024
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Call for Applications
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Gender issues