MCC - 3081 Request for quotation for the supply of food vouchers (June to August 2022)

The project aims to provide Food Assistance and Nutritional Awareness to Improve Food Security for Syrian and Palestinian Refugees from Syria, Palestinian Refugees from Lebanon and Vulnerable Lebanese in Beirut and South through the provision of food vouchers.

The required service is the provision of food items & commodities to beneficiaries who will be presenting printed vouchers provided & issued by MCC and its sub-implementing partner.  

MCC invites interested suppliers to submit a technical proposal by filling “Annex A –Scoring scheme” and a financial proposal by filling “ANNEX B – OFFER TABLE, to provide 3,500 beneficiaries (within Beirut and Tyre) with the ability to exclusively purchase food items via food vouchers which are provided by MCC on a monthly basis for 3 months (extendable for another three months based on performance).

Attached Annex B, it is a generic but not exclusive list of food items that should be used by the bidder to price items.

The bids proposals submission is open between 16 May and 21 May 2022.

Bids should be submitted no later than 4:00 pm Beirut time on 21 May 2022.

Suppliers who do not submit their offer by the deadline will not be considered.

How to apply

Please refer to the attached Request For Quotation for the full description.

Submission modalities

The technical and financial proposal must be submitted to [email protected] or by hand in one big envelope sealed with red wax titled “3081 - Food Vouchers tender – June 2022 to August 2022” to MCC Beirut office.

Please note that the costs incurred by suppliers in submitting their offer will not be reimbursed.

Note that any other additional information is not allowed and won’t be considered in the selection process.

Proposals must be submitted either via the email provided or in a sealed envelope stamped in red wax to MCC Office Beirut; Address: Zouwein Building, 4th Floor. Military Court Street behind the French embassy. Ras el Nabeh, Beirut, Lebanon.  

Documents required

The submitted offer must include the following stamped and signed:

  • Request For Quotation
  • Annex A – Scoring scheme
  • Annex B - Offer Table
  • Annex C - Specifications
  • Annex D – Summary of relevant work experience
  • Annex E – Coordinates for gathering and shops
  • Annex F - Declaration of Impartiality, Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest
  • Trading license/Commercial circular
  • Bank account details, including name of the bank, address of the bank, account number, account holder being the company who signs the contract, BIC/SWIFT, IBAN in US Dollars
  • Proof of previous working experience, including brief Curriculum Vitae and relevant contracts and filling ANNEX D – Summary of relevant work experience.

To note that MCC and its implementing partner will visit the store to check the items before the contract signature.

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