Rehabilitation Aids and Home Care Supplies

Association Des Jeunes Islamiques (ADJI) will implement a 12 - months community-based rehabilitation CBR project to build resilient, equitable and inclusive communities in Akkar and Tripoli. 

The project will cover the most vulnerable areas of Mhammara, Ouadi Khaled (Amayer), Bebnine, Halba, Mazareaa Jabal Akroum, Berqayel, Machta Hamoud in Akkar district and in Trablous El-Qobbe, Trablous El-Tell, Trablous El-Haddadine, El-Hadid, El-Mharta, Trablous et Tabbaneh, Trablous Ez-Zeitoun, Mina N3 in Tripoli district. In Tripoli, ADJI will deliver the services through its rehabilitation center and mobile team, while in Akkar, ADJI will deliver the services in 9 locals rehabilitation center/clinics through contracted therapists distributed over the areas of intervention to transfer its knowledge to local actors, create a sustainable action and improve accessibility to the services by release the transportation burden.

As Part of the Project implementation, ADJI will provide rehabilitation Aids and home care supplies to the beneficiaries to overcome their limitations and mediate their challenges, there for ADJI is requesting Quotations (Unite Price) for the items enlisted below that will be purchased on a monthly basis with a pre-fixed budget line for the whole project implementation duration.

The Service Providers required providing ADJI with a product details, features and limitations in addition of a one-year warranty on manufacturing malfunction or defections.


WheelChair Adult

Pediatric WheelChair

Commond Chair

Walker Foldable

Walker Foldable + 2 wheels

Child Rollator

Adult Rollator

Quadripod Crutch

Crutch elbow/underarm (x2)

Raising toilet Seat

Air Mattress

Kaye Walker

Child Walker Foldable

Child Walker Foldable + 2 wheels

Water Mattress

How to apply

To convey your interest, we kindly request that you reach out to us via email at [email protected].

Request for Quotation documents will exclusively be forwarded to suppliers who demonstrate their interest by initiating contact with us.

All quotations must be securely sealed and dispatched to the specified address, as indicated in the Request for Quotation template.

Please ensure that this process is carried out via physical mail.

Tuesday, 31. Oct 2023
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Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Disability, Human Rights & Protection, Refugees, Rehabilitation