External Actuarial Evaluation Services - SOS Children's Villages in Lebanon

SOS Children’s Villages in Lebanon is seeking qualified vendors to provide external actuarial evaluation services for the assessment of social liabilities.These social liabilities comprise all social benefits for employees that are paid by SOS Children’s Villages and are mandatory financial obligations accumulated in the past, leading to future cash-out. It is mandatory for SOS to conduct external evaluations with a provider at least tri-annually, in accordance with local law, and additionally in the case of significant plan changes.

Scope of Work
The selected vendor will be responsible for conducting actuarial valuations to calculate plan liabilities, value or plan assets, and the plan’s funded status.

Qualifications and Requirements
Interested bidders must meet the following eligibility criteria:
 Demonstrated experience in providing actuarial valuation services.
 Compliance with SOS Children’s Villages’ procurement guidelines and regulations.
 Ability to ensure independence, objectivity, and accuracy in valuation processes.
 Financial stability and capacity to handle the scope of work required.

How to apply

Submission Requirements:
Proposals must include the following:
 Company profile highlighting relevant experience and qualifications.
 Details of past experience in conducting actuarial valuations, including references.
 Proposed methodology for conducting the actuarial valuations.
 Pricing structure, including all applicable fees and charges.
 All bids must be submitted in sealed envelope showing the project name, bidder’s name, phone number and email to the following address:
Beirut, Sin El Fil, Monseigneur Shebli street, SOS building, 3rd floor.
Note that all pages should be stamped and signed.

Friday, 29. Mar 2024
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