Capacity Building, And Income Generation Activities To Protect The Rights Of The Marginalized Children In Al Sikkeh.

1- Capacity building and awareness raising workshops and activities related to child's rights and protection.
2- Alternative friendly and safe income generation units for the laborer children especially who undertake rubbish collecting.
3- Computer training and educational activities for the students among the laborer children.

Overall Objectives: 
1- Empowering 30 volunteers and social workers on the methods of achieving child's rights based intervention, protection, and awareness activities for the marginalized and laborer children and their parents especially in Al Sikkeh Section 2. 2- Promoting the education of child's rights and protection among 200 laborers and marginalized children as well as their parents especially in Al Sikkeh Section 2. 3- Finding alternative and less hazardous income generation activities for 40 laborer children used to access alternative vocational training in Al Sikkeh Section 1. 4- Facilitating the access to the computer training and educational games among 200 laborers and marginalized students in Al Sikkeh Section 1 & 2.
1- Four training workshops for 30 volunteers on operating awareness raising and psychosocial activities related to child's rights and protection. The themes were discussed in the workshops were: Child's rights, children abuse and exploitation, the ways and standards of children's protection, child labor, the negative impacts and the ways of prevention and protection, advocacy campaigns related to children education and protection, and the mechanisms of social intervention programs among the target groups of children and their households. 2- Organizing 8 awareness workshops for 200 mothers, as well as entertaining educational and recreational activities, including summer activity entitled let's know our rights, trips, games, competitions, drawing, playing for 150 children. 3- Launching 2 friendly and less hazardous income generation units (sewing and hair dressing) for 40 children mainly girls used to get friendly and less hazardous vocational training. 4- Computer training and educational games for 41 student among the laborers and marginalized children
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Tue, 04/03/2008 - 2:00am
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