Accommodation and Venue Rent May- June- July 2024

1. Goal and Objectives of Assignment

Search for Common Ground (Search) is seeking a venue in Beirut to conduct several trainings , including single room accommodations with dinner for each guest, in addition to a meeting room with lunch, and coffee breaks.


2. Geographic Locations



3. Ethical Considerations

The contracted party shall take into consideration all factors to ensure that the work is done in a conflict sensitive manner and that no harm is done while implementing the activity. This includes social, security, safety, environmental, economic, and gender-related factors. 


4. Timeline

27 till 29 of May 2024 

4 till 6 of June 2024 

10 till 12 of June 2024 

And 2 more dates to be determined .


5. Requirements of Venue

Meeting room area to accommodate 14 participants .(preferably daylighted )

Dining room area minimum 350sqm (More or less)

Have an available capacity of 12 single rooms .

How to apply

To apply, interested hotels are requested to send an email to [email protected] and submit the following documents:

  • Hotel business and Lebanese financial registration documents. Failing to provide these documents will lead to deduction of the withholding tax as per the Lebanese Law. 
  • ID of the owner or GM
  • Hotel bank account details (for an LBP account and Fresh USD account)
  • Financial proposal reflecting the rates of :  
  1.     Single and double room accommodation .
  2.     Lunch and 2 coffee breaks .
  3.     Dinner rate .

Prices should be TTC in Fresh USD

Note: Please note that applications missing any of the above requirements will not be considered as a candidate for the project.

Wednesday, 22. May 2024
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
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Conflict Resolution