Research person / Enumerator for Feasibility Study

Requires a Cover Letter?: 
Application Submissions Guideline: 

Requirements for the research / enumerator position:

  • Background in Special Needs Education – Familiarity with the educational services for students with special needs.
  • Interest in obtaining information from different stakeholders, especially from the parents of children with disabilities in the local communities to improve education services for children with disabilities.
  • Ability to facilitate a conversation with different stakeholders, in particular with the parents of children with disabilities so that one is able to learn about their needs and how to improve the situation for children with disabilities.
  • Ability to facilitate a conversation with the parents of children with disabilities by providing them with a way to answer the questions that they will be asked and trying to learn from them as much as possible.
  • Flexibility of working with different stakeholders and parents in the local communities. If someone is not interested in participating in interviews or surveys, then looking at ways on how to convince them to participate.
  • Possess a positive attitude about the nature of the project and its focus and communicate this positive attitude to the people in the local communities who will be asked to participate in the interview.
  • Understand that the purpose of conducting the interviews with the parents of children with disabilities is to learn from them about the challenges that their children are confronted with and the need to introduce solutions that will help their children with disabilities develop.

Eligible candidates for the research / enumerator position with special needs education experience are invited to send an application with their CV to the Lead Consultant Jeffrey Tines [email protected] expressing the interest to be part of the feasibility study team.

Contact Person Name: 
Jeffrey Tines
Contact Person Position: 
Lead Consultant of the Feasibility Study
Contact Person Email: 

Orienthelfer e.V. is a German non-profit organization planning the implementation of the project “Capacity strengthening of educational structures for Lebanese and refugee children with special needs in North Lebanon” in cooperation with the Lebanese association Wahat Al-Farah from 08/2022 – 09/2024.

Within the approval procedures, a feasibility study is required to be carried out by an external feasibility study team. The study team will consist of a lead consultant, three research persons / enumerators and construction experts. The purpose of the study is to assess the feasibility of the planned project in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability. The study is expected to provide baseline information and give recommendations to achieve best possible project results. The study will focus on 1) education for children with mental disabilities and autism and 2) construction of a school building. The study results will be submitted to the public donor BMZ, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.


    Last modified: 
    04 Feb, 2022
    Intervention Sector(s):
    Children & Youth, Disability, Education, Research & Studies
    Application Deadline:
    Wednesday, 9 February 2022
    Contract Type:
    Short Term
    Period of Employment:
    Approx. 14 days during the period of 15 Feb - 14 March 2022
    Salary Range:
    800 to 1200 (USD)
    Education Degree:
    Education Degree Details:
    Special Needs Education Background
    Experience Requirements:
    2 to 3 years
    Arabic Language:
    English Language:
    Very Good
    French Language:
    Very Good
    • Lebanon
    • North Lebanon