Supply of Tires and Batteries for LCD Vehicles DRR/LCD/NL/01

Under Output 1.1: “Conduct a Comprehensive and inclusive community assessment including community hazard, assets and resources, direct impact and indirect impact mapping” and Output 1.3: “Develop DRR evidence-based solutions and accordingly prioritize and implement one intervention”, North LEDA has identified the below issue:

The Lebanese Civil Defense are the first respondents to over 90% of disasters, while local authorities lack the resources and knowhow and fully depend on them. However, in light of the current economic crisis, LCD first respondents lack most of the basic requirements in terms of equipment, supplies, and gear, and receive very little to no funds from the central and local governments.

In order to support LCD first respondents in their efforts, IOM, through North LEDA intends to provide them with the needed equipment, supplies, and gear so they can perform their duties to the best of their capabilities while maintaining their own safety and security.

Under the Institutional Support to LCD intervention, North LEDA intends to purchase the items listed in the appended annex (Tender Details).

How to apply

All bids must be sent by Monday July 25th, 2022 at the latest by email to [email protected] in 2 separate emails:

  1. Email 1: Filled out and signed Technical Offer titled “(Supplier Name) - Technical Offer - DRR/LCD/NL/01”. The Technical Offer must include all requested details, including detailed specifications and quantities.
  2. Email 2: Filled out and signed Financial Offer titled “(Supplier Name) - Financial Offer DRR/LCD/NL/01”. The financial offer must contain the financial quote covering total price / fees / cost of undertaking the assignment inclusive of all expenses. The financial document should indicate a price breakdown for each activity and a total Tender for the overall project. The Financial offer shall be on a fixed price basis. No upward revision in the price would be considered. In case of discrepancy in words and figures, the price quoted in figures will be considered as final.
  3. Suppliers are responsible for submitting their response prior to the RFT closing date. Any proposal received after said date will be automatically disqualified.

Monday, 18. Jul 2022
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Advocacy & Awareness, Relief Services