Levantine Institute Digital Transformation of Online Education Services


Project Overview: Digital Transformation of Online Education Services

Introduction: The Levantine Institute (LEVIT) is a leading social enterprise offering Levantine Dialect and Modern Standard Arabic programs through physical classes in Tripoli and Beirut, as well as online via www.levantineonline.com.

Project Scope: We are embarking on a strategic initiative to enhance our online education services by transitioning from synchronous to asynchronous learning models. The goal is to digitalize our existing programs, incorporating multimedia elements, including videos, exercises, and recordings, to enable students to learn Levantine Arabic independently.

Current Technology Stack: Our online services are currently facilitated through the Odoo platform, providing a secure and user-friendly environment. While Odoo has served us well, we aim to optimize and extend its capabilities to accommodate the evolving needs of our digital education initiative.

Key Objectives:

Digitalization: Transform existing learning materials into digital formats, ensuring accessibility and convenience for online learners.

Multimedia Integration: Enhance the learning experience by incorporating videos, interactive exercises, and recorded sessions, promoting engagement and understanding.

Asynchronous Learning: Develop a structured curriculum that allows students to learn at their own pace, catering to diverse learning styles and preferences.

User-Friendly Interface: Ensure a seamless and intuitive interface for students, making navigation and participation in online classes straightforward.

Scalability: Build a foundation that accommodates future growth and expansion in terms of courses, students, and features.

Why We Need Your Expertise: We are seeking a service provider with expertise in digital education solutions, including e-learning platform development, multimedia integration, and user experience optimization. Your company's experience in similar projects and innovative approaches to online education aligns with our vision for delivering top-tier language education.

Timeline: We aim to kick off the project in September 2024, with a phased implementation plan over 4 months. The goal is to have the enhanced digital education services fully operational by January 2025.

Budget: Our budget for this project is 15K$, inclusive of development, testing, and any necessary training for our team.

How to apply

Next Steps: We invite your company to submit a detailed proposal outlining your approach, timeline, and cost estimates for this project. Please address how your expertise aligns with our objectives and your experience in implementing similar initiatives.

Contact Information: For further inquiries or to submit your proposal, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for considering our project, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating with your esteemed company.

Friday, 01. Mar 2024
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Call for Proposals
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