LOST announces a tender for renting 3 cars

Tender number: A 29/2023

How to apply

Tender number: A 29/2023

1. General remarks and special conditions: The concentrated feeds must be in accordance with our specifications, sound, fair, and of merchantable quality.

2. Items / Specification / Quantities:  attached in Appendix NO. 2

3. Delivery dates: 2 working days after signing the contract. 

5. Prices: All offered prices must only be indicated in US Dollars. Quotations stated in other currencies will not be considered during the awarding process. Prices must include transportation, Value added Tax (VAT).

6. Inspection, Acceptance, and Rejection: LOST reserves the right to inspect and test through its representatives all Goods ordered under the Contract at any time and place. The Contractor, without additional charge, shall provide all facilities for inspection and all necessary support to ensure that inspections can be performed in such a manner as not to unduly delay the delivery of the Goods.

LOST may reject any goods supplied under the Contract that do not meet the requirements of the Contract or apply a penalty for Goods not fully conforming to such requirements. Rejection of the goods shall be made as soon as practicable after the delivery of the Goods to their final destination.

Neither any inspection carried out by representatives of LOST nor any acceptance of the goods or part thereof by LOST nor any omission by LOST to inspect, accept, and/or reject the Goods or part thereof shall release Contractor from its responsibility for such Goods that are not in accordance with the requirements of the Contract, including warranties.


7. Ordering Party:

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training

Baalbeck – Ras Ein – lakkis BLD

+961 8 377075 – EXT.120

Bashar Harb

Requests for clarifications and questions should be sent by mail to: [email protected], until 26/10/2023.

9. Conditions for submission: only Suppliers that got:

Company license registration, commercial register, commercial broadcasting, certificate of registration with the Ministry of Finance, and certificate of registration with Value added Tax (VAT) if applicable, are allowed to participate in the tender.

10. Tender Documents: Technical and financial proposals will be shared on Daleel Madani.

LOST requests that the documents of the tender (technical and financial) proposal must be submitted by hand in closed, separated, and sealed stamped envelopes, with the name of the bidder, telephone number, name, and tender number attached to the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training at its main branch in Baalbek, Ras Al-Ain Street, Al-Lakis building, second floor- at the Secretariat’s office (secretarial).


11. The deadline for submitting tender documents is Friday 27/10/2023 at 2:00 PM. Any bid submitted after the closing date of the tender will be rejected.

12. Bid Opening:  LOST will hold a tender opening session in the presence of bidders (if they wish to attend) On Friday 27/10/2023 at 3:00 p.m. at LOST office, Lakkis Building, Fifth Floor, Ras El Ein Street, Baalbek-Lebanon.

13. Payment method: Payments will be made through bank transfer to the supplier account in US dollars (fresh money), based on the agreed terms and conditions.


Friday, 27. Oct 2023
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Agriculture, Education