Photography Trainer-Glow Center, Tayouneh

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Application Submissions Guideline: 

To be considered for this recruitment, please submit a cover letter, resume, 3 professional supervisory references (whom we may contact after a second interview) with the date of availability to [email protected]. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The email subject line MUST include the following: “Photography Trainer-Glow Center, Tayouneh”.

Contact Person Position: 
Human Resources Manager
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Tasks and duties

  1. Develop and deliver photography training modules, workshops, and practical sessions to participants, covering technical aspects, composition, lighting, post-processing, and storytelling.
  2. Provide guidance and feedback to participants, helping them enhance their photography skills, creativity, and artistic expression.
  3. Organize and supervise photography assignments, projects, and group discussions to encourage collaboration and learning.
  4. Stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and equipment in photography and incorporate them into the training program.
  5. Assist participants in developing their portfolios and showcasing their work effectively.
  6. Provide constructive critique and evaluation of participants' photographs to promote growth and improvement.
  7. Manage photography equipment, ensuring its proper maintenance and availability for training sessions.
  8. Collaborate with other trainers and professionals in the field to organize photography exhibitions, guest lectures, and industry-related events.
  9. Stay abreast of emerging technologies and software related to photography and incorporate them into the training curriculum.
  10. Maintain accurate records of participants' progress, attendance, and evaluation results.
  11. Stay connected with the photography community and network with industry professionals to enhance opportunities for participants.
  12. Ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment, adhering to ethical standards and copyright laws in photography.
  1. Collaborate with program management to assess training needs, develop curriculum updates, and evaluate the effectiveness of the training program.
  2. Stay organized and manage administrative tasks such as scheduling, documentation, and reporting related to the photography training program.



  • Extensive experience and expertise in photography, including technical proficiency, composition, lighting techniques, and post-processing.
  • Proven track record as a professional photographer, with a diverse portfolio showcasing creativity, innovation, and mastery of various photography genres.
  • Strong knowledge of photography equipment, software, and editing tools.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively convey photography concepts and provide constructive feedback to participants.
  • Experience in conducting photography training or workshops, with the ability to adapt teaching methods to different learning styles.
  • Familiarity with current trends and advancements in the photography industry, including emerging technologies and techniques.
  • Strong organizational skills to plan and coordinate training sessions, assignments, and projects.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate participants, fostering their artistic growth and passion for photography.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the field of photography.
  • Awareness of ethical standards and copyright laws related to photography.
  • Proficiency in using relevant software and tools for managing and organizing photography projects.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of participants and other trainers.
  • Understanding of the principles of adult learning and the ability to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to adjust training approaches based on participants' skill levels and needs.


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Last modified: 
21 Jun, 2024
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Displaced Population, Education, Refugees
Application Deadline:
Thursday, 27 June 2024
Contract Type:
Part Time
Period of Employment:
6 months
Salary Range:
< 800 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
A university degree in photography, fine arts, visual arts, or a related field.
Experience Requirements:
3 to 5 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • Beirut