Background, Objectives and Justification

Cyber Arabs is an IWPR satellite website that promotes digital safety and digital security awareness and

education in the MENA region. The website offers daily news and updates as well as self-learning how-

to guides on the basics of digital safety and security.


IWPR is seeking a qualified web development and design company to redesign the existing website.

The new design should remain loyal to the existing identity of Cyber Arabs, namely color scheme and

logo, and provide a compelling user experience.



1. Create an appealing and visually compelling website that reflects the nature and identity of Cyber Arabs

2. Create a smooth and compelling user experience that would encourage users to navigate the website and

    explore its various features and components

3. Present and implement a solution for the website's Cyber Arabs Academy (Learn with Cyber Arabs)  

which hosts the self-learning, self-paced learning component of the website

4. Present a solution for the Cyber Arabs blog that cares for multiple categories of topics and issues

5. Migrate existing Cyber Arabs content to the new website

6. Optimize the website for search engines to improve its overall ranking and visibility

7. Provide ongoing maintenance for the website to ensure its smooth and sound operation

8. Optimize the site for mobile users

Scope of Work 


  1. Design and development

The developer will create all necessary graphics and visual elements for the website. This includes all header images, icons and GIF animations and recreates the Cyber Arabs logo in a suitable format and as deemed needed.


The Cyber Arabs website has 7 main sections:

1. Home page

The home page should be designed to display all major functions of the website including a menu at the top and in other locations as deemed appropriate by the team. Sections 2,3,4 and 5 should be featured on the homepage in a clear and appealing manner that provoke the interest of the visitor to navigate the website and explore its offerings as well as interact with these featured elements as appropriate (for instance submit a request for help).

2. Learn with Cyber Arabs (Cyber Arabs Academy)

This section provides self-learning how to guide on digital safety and security to human rights activists, journalists, media activists and citizen journalists and civil society actors as well as ordinary users in all Arabic speaking countries. The section is structured into 6 categories/subsections under each of which there will be a number of how-to guides. This is an educational section that maintains a certain logic and should provide a smooth navigation experience where users can follow a certain path, but can also select topics or guides based on their needs. It should provide the users with the ability to go back and forth and display relative topics and guides from the Cyber Arabs Academy as well as the Cyber Arabs blog. The provider will help identify a suitable solution and format to present the content as described.

Each section of the Cyber Arabs Academy contains a number of self-learning how-to guides that are also grouped into topics. This number of guides ranges from 3-8. (Visit the current Cyber Arabs website for clarity). The total number of guides is 60-80. The developer will present a solution that is user friendly and encourages users to explore other guides and topics. Guides should also display a list of recommended or related guides or blog posts. Sections and guides should be based on templates that are easy to replicate for future expansion of the Cyber Arabs academy content. Guide templates should be able to accommodate text, videos and images in the body of the guide and has an easy structure.

3. Digital security news and updates (Blog)

This section is a blog function that provides news and updates about the latest developments in digital safety and security. The developer will set categories and tags to support an easy navigation of the section.

4. Knowledge corner (Blog)

This section offers knowledge articles about digital safety and security that are produced on a regular basis. These articles fall into 6 categories corresponding to the Cyber Arabs academy  categories. A menu should be created based on these categories to allow for smooth and user-friendly navigation of the section. The developer will set up categories and tags to support an easy navigation of the section.

5. Request help?

● Help request form: An encrypted form for users to submit a help request based on their needs. The form should have various categories and subcategories.

● Digital security emergency helplines

6. Subscribe to Cyber Arabs Updates

A newsletter subscription form linked to an existing Mailchimp account and database.

7. Who we are (with submenu)

● About Cyber Arabs

● About IWPR

● Contact us

● Opportunities


B. Migration of existing Cyber Arabs content

The developer will lead and facilitate the migration of blog posts and pages from the existing Cyber Arabs website to the new site with a minimum amount of errors. The IWPR team will provide guidance and support as appropriate to smooth the process.


C. Set up Google Analytics

The developer will set up Google Analytics for the website including customization of the dashboard and creating reports that serve the needs of IWPR monitoring and evaluation of its online assets.


D. SEO optimization

The developer will carry all the work needed to optimize the website for search engines including suggesting keywords, titles and other elements that ensure the website content is visible on the web. And maintain the existing SEO during migration to the new design.


E. Maintenance

The developer will provide maintenance for the website for one year starting the date of sign off. This includes supporting the IWPR team to create new sections, pages and elements that are beyond their skills as well as ensuring the smooth, sound and secure functioning of the website such as updating its theme and plugins, identifying and resolving bugs and navigation issues.


F. Backup

Ensure regular backup of the website is performed.


G. Training

Develop a training manual for website admins and perform initial training. 


How to apply

Send an email to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] with your financial and technical proposal and include the following:

1. Company registration documents.

2. IDs of company owners.

3. Portfolio including samples of work and links to live websites.

4. 3 references that we can reach out to for due diligence


Saturday, 21. May 2022
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Advocacy & Awareness
Remuneration range:
5000 to 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
2 months