House of Peace (HOPe), officially registered as Threads of Peace in 2019, is a non-governmental social peace-building organization based in Lebanon. HOPe aims through different activities to enhance social peace within local communities by shifting perceptions; supporting and connecting community-based initiatives and dialogue spaces; advancing the principles of conflict sensitivity; and voicing grassroots perspectives, stories, and aspirations



The Conflict Sensitivity Unit has been advancing the Conflict Sensitivity approach among local NGOs, INGOs, Activist, Social Initiatives, and Volunteers for the past 5 years, by mainstreaming CS through training, follow-ups, and leading the Lebanon Conflict Sensitivity Forum.

The CS mainstreaming project with UNDP aims specifically to defining and disseminating guidelines, building the capacity of partners as well as enhancing the strategic conversations around conflict mainstreaming within the LCRP.


Our Purpose:

Because we believe that in all times, especially in times of turmoil and change, a source of peace exists in every person and every society, and all we need to do is facilitating the process for peace to emerge and blossom. 


Our Vision: 

Our vision as HOPers is bringing together uniquely different individuals with shared values, and transforming the notion of peace into a practice of being and living, to inspire social change towards a hopeful and purposeful life.


Our Mission:

In an inclusive and participatory way, we enhance social peace:

through shifting perceptions about reality, peace, self, and the other;

through supporting and connecting community-based initiatives and dialogue spaces;

through advancing the principles of conflict sensitivity;

and through voicing grassroots perspectives, stories, and aspirations.


Our values:

Egalitarian: Promoting peace as a right for all people, and respecting diversity and gender.

Conflict Sensitive: Understanding and appreciating local specificities, avoiding harm, and enhancing positive impact.

Family Oriented: Honouring our partnerships, empowering local ownership, and creating a family environment within our network of partners and peacebuilders.

Committed to nonviolence: Encouraging personal and collective peace initiatives as a means for creative, positive, and liberating change.


Roles and Responsibilities of the consultant:


  • The consultant will be participating in three half-day consultation workshops facilitated by HOPe with LCRP partners, and drawing findings from the reports with the assistance of HOPe team (by mid-Nov 2020).
  • The consultant will be conducting research on three concerning crosscutting issues, developing relevant conflict sensitivity guidance notes, and submitting a list of resources and a summary of keynotes to be considered while developing the guidance notes (Nov – Dec 2020).
  • The consultant will be leading HOPe process of drafting four guidance notes (three crosscutting issues + one general) based on the consultation workshops and the conducted research (drafts by end of Dec 2020 – final by end of Jan 2021).
  • The consultant will be facilitating the process of revising and finalizing the guidance notes with HOPe team, UNDP, and the international consultant.
  • The consultant will be reflecting with HOPe team on sector-specific recommendations for conflict-sensitive programming.


Requirements and qualifications:

Applicants are requested to submit technical and financial plans along with their CVs and reference letters.

  • Good spirit.
  • Advanced degree in a relative field with research experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Lebanese context.
  • Minimum of 5 years of proven experience in the conflict sensitivity field.
  • Advanced facilitation skills.
  • Perfect command of spoken and written English and Arabic.
  • Teamwork and cooperative attitude.
  • Good computing skills.

Additional requirement for non-Lebanese nationals: permit of residence in Lebanon is required if based in Lebanon.

Apply to this Job

You will be able to read the application guidelines after you answer the following questions:

Last modified: 
20 Oct, 2020
Intervention Sector(s):
Conflict Resolution, Peace & Security, Training & Capacity Building
Application Deadline:
Monday, 26 October 2020
Contract Type:
Period of Employment:
20 Days within 5 months, starting November 2020.
Is less than 500$ per day.
Salary Range:
> 3000 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
Experience Requirements:
5 to 10 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon