1. Objective

The main objective of the project is to support agricultural cooperatives in Deir El Ahmar by reducing operational costs, providing labor, equipment and training to ensure the sustainability of member farmers and their ability to navigate difficult economic situations, ultimately improving the agricultural sector in the region.


2. Technical Specifications

  • Description: a Harvester that could be used for cutting and binding crops in sheaves or to reap wheat, rice sesame, lavender, reeds and everything else that has to be cut and bound.
  • Specifications:
    • Motor: power diesel, Starter Recoil, power CV/KW 10/7,5
    • Gearbox: Type Gears in oil bath, number of gears 4+1, Forward speed in km/h (I:5,5- II: 7.5, III:10- IV: 14.2- RM:6)
    • Clutch: Dry, mono disc with manual control
    • Brakes: Independently controlled on the two wheels, special type housed in the reduction gear on the deck
    • Steering system: Differential with lock
    • Power take off: Independent at 1125rpm
    • Wheels 4.50-19
    • Safety devices: in compliance with EC standards
    • Weight tractor unit with engine without attachments kg: 195
    • Main equipment: cutter bar (working width 127 cm or 140cm with traditional low cut or middle cut fingers), standard reaper binder (working width 140cm- binding height of crop to be harvested from 35 to 70/80 cm), Special reaper binder (working width 140cm- binding height of crop to be harvested from 35 to 160 cm) and Work and travel sulky (normal with two tubes for grass-special single-tube for applications on reaper-binders
    • Weight cutter bar: 80kg
    • Weight standard reaper: 200kg
    • Weight special reaper binder: 240kg
    • Weight work and travel sulky: 45 kg



  1. Requirements & conditions

The service provider is required to deliver all items to Deir El Ahmar along with workers/helpers available to assist with loading and unloading products, as and whenever needed.

  1. Company qualification

The company must have the following valid legal documents:

  • Commercial Circular
  • Fiscal Certificate of Incorporation at the Ministry of Finance
  • VAT Certificate of Registration
  • ID of company’s authorized representative(s)


  1. Evaluation


  • The quotation’s evaluation process will consider following with assigned weights:
  • Financial ......................................... 40%
  • Technical ........................................ 50%
  • Reputation & Reference Check ...... 10%



  1. Payment Terms
  • Payments will be made only through bank transfer or bank cheques
  • The price will be paid in USD while the VAT will be paid in LBP based on the official exchange rate on the date of the invoice.
  • Payment will be made within 15 business days of invoice receipt.

How to apply

  • Detailed offer and all legal documents to be submitted via email to: [email protected] 
  • Only selected candidates will be contacted
Monday, 11. Dec 2023
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