Object of the tender

The tender covers the award of a service contract covering “Communication Agency” for Expertise France Lebanon Projects.

The scope of the needs to be satisfied is set out in the Terms of reference and the Bill of Quantity.

Scope of the tender

This contract is subject to the French Public Procurement Code (CPP) in its applicable version under Ordinance no. 2018-1074 of 26 November 2018, establishing the legislative elements of Decree no. 2018-1075 of 3 December 2018, establishing the regulatory elements of the Public Procurement.

It is awarded by means of:

open tender in application of Articles L. 2124-2, R. 2161-2, R. 2161-3, R. 2161-4 and R. 2161-5 of CCP

Tender provisional scheduel 

Estimated date



Bid submission deadline


Rejection letters sent to non-selected candidates


Contract award



How to apply

Interested applicants can download the necessary documents and apply through the procurement e-platform.


The tender deadline is June 24th at 16:00 Paris time.

Applicants are encouraged to register their information on the procurement platform after downloading the full dossier to receive further updates and information about the call.


Monday, 24. Jun 2024
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Communications & Media