Call for Expression of Interest – Implementation Partner to ensure gender equality


Welthungerhilfe (WHH) has been supporting humanitarian and development projects in Lebanon since 2016, in partnership with local NGOs. WHH has submitted a concept note for a new 43-month project funded by the German Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ) starting in October 2023 which aims at strengthening women's livelihoods and increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities engaged in smallholder and subsistence agriculture. The proposal still needs to be developed for submission during June.

Two main implementation partners are already identified. As the project will focus on supporting and empowering women, WHH envisages a third local partner organisation to ensure that the project activities are designed to effectively address gender equality. Additionally, the organisation will provide tailor-made training for women in leadership, business development and social skills, provide legal support, contribute to the gender analysis and the outreach process.

Local organisations interested to contribute to the development of the proposal and to fill the role of an implementation partner are invited to submit their proposal/concept for how to achieve the below outlined responsibilities and objectives. Please present the organisation’s experience in the relevant fields; a detailed description of the proposed activities and approach as well as a tentative budget (containing budget headers for Project activities, Operational costs, Staff, and Other) in 3-5 pages.

Project Name:

Empowering women and strengthening the resilience of vulnerable rural and urban communities in South Lebanon and Beirut

Geographical scope:

Governorates South, Nabatieh, Beirut

Envisaged start date:

October 2023

Project description:

Project objective: Strengthening women's livelihoods and increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities engaged in smallholder and subsistence agriculture.

The following is to be achieved on the overall:

Outcome 1: Agricultural and urban target groups have sustainably in-creased income through expanded skills: Training of beneficiaries in agriculture, food processing, marketing, and involvement of participants in CfW activities

Outcome 2: Women-led MSMEs, cooperatives and start-ups improve their economic performance: The target groups are mostly small enterprises and cooperatives.

Outcome 3: Social cohesion and relationships between communities with different backgrounds are strengthened: Activities for to support the strengthening of networks, cooperation and structures to support social stability and protection systems on community base


Interested organizations are asked to describe to WHH how they can support the other implementing organizations and contribute to the following:

  • The empowerment of women in South Lebanon is a priority of the project, with a target of at least 60% female participation.
  • Participation of women's organizations in the selection committees and in the planning of activities.
  • Conducting a gender study during the planning phase that analyses cultural, social, political, and economic barriers to participation in project activities from a gender-sensitive perspective and identifies counterstrategies to provide targeted support to women.
  • Training of personnel on gender mainstreaming.
  • Assignment of a gender officer and consultation by a gender committee.
  • Annual workshops with stakeholders to discuss how to contribute to reducing gender inequality.
  • Addressing childcare needs and women's safety on the way to activities to ensure women are protected from gender-based violence.
  • Establish reporting procedures for women, raise awareness of gender-based violence.

In monitoring and evaluation, disaggregate all M&E data collected by gender to separately assess project impact on women. Special evaluation questions to promote women's status, rights and participation.

How to apply

Submit a narrative concept of 3-5 pages and financial proposal.

Narrative proposal shall include:

  1. Presentation of the organization and the organisation’s experience in the relevant fields
  2. Overall approach for ensuring gender equality in the project setting with WHH as project coordinating agency and two local implementation partners (one in South and Nabatieh, one in Palestinian camps in Beirut and South, Shatila, Burj El Barajneh, Burj El Chemali, Ein El Helweh, Rashidiye)
  3. Approach for the above outlined outputs how gender equality can be included
  4. Detailed description of the activities under the responsibility of the organisation responsible for ensuring gender equality, which are
    • Output 2.1 Women-led MSMEs, COOPS & start-ups have increased their business development capacities
      • Providing tailored business management training
      • Providing tailored Women Leadership training
    • Output 2.2: Women-led MSMEs, COOPS & start-ups with enhanced linkages and network
      • Organizing networking events & roundtable discussions
    • Output 3.2: Vulnerable beneficiaries accessing social cohesion and protection services
      • Providing Promotional peace trainings (training in conflict transformation skills, Non-violent communication training)
      • Organizing Awareness sessions on PSEA


Financial proposal shall include:

  • Budget headers for Project activities, Operational costs, Staff, and Other

There is no specific template for narrative or financial proposal. Budget indication for implementation partner to ensure gender equality: 0.6 Mio. EUR.


Interested organizations submit their proposal with the subject “Implementation Partner” by the 30 of April 2023 to [email protected]. Interested organizations needs to be officially registered as a Non-Profit Organization in Lebanon.

After the deadline, organizations who submitted a proposal will be contacted by WHH to explore the possibility of a cooperation. Please note again that the funding for this project is not yet secured but depends on the feedback of the donor (BMZ) for the proposal.

Questions (not the application!) can be directed to [email protected] before the 29 of April 2023.

Sunday, 30. Apr 2023
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Agriculture, Development, Food & Nutrition, Gender issues, Labor & Livelihoods, Women Status & Issues