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GIZ works in 12 distinct projects and implement a wide range of development cooperation activities throughout Lebanon in the sectors of sustainable economic development, social participation and conflict transformation, education, and water. GIZ Lebanon partners with various stakeholders, such as the Lebanese government, local authorities, civil society, and the private sector. Our offices are located in Beirut and Tripoli, and we implement activities in all governorates in Lebanon.


GIZ Lebanon has a thoroughly developed system to maintain its’ security and always assess the situation to provide best secured working place to its’ employees.


GIZ intends to award a contract for construction works related to equipping GIZ building in Hazmieh with fire escape stairs.


The existing ground can be described as below:

  • A building that approximately consists of 4 floors each of 475 m² and the 4th floor is of 365 m² with terrace and 2 underground parking.
  • The building has a garden of approximately 100 m²
  • The building is blocked from all its sides with big window glasses.


The scope of work includes:

1) Supply and install structural steel to Fire Escape Stair, including all necessary accessories

2) Supply and install internal structural steel to Fire Escape Stair, including all necessary accessories.

3) Supply and install appropriate lighting fixtures waterproof for the staircase, all networking, sockets and necessary connections at each floor.


Tender procedure from invitation to tender until signing of contract is expected to take place between May 2024 and June 2024. Shortlisted companies will be able to take part in this tender but only one company will be granted the award.

Construction work is expected to be performed and completed approximately within 1 to 2 months from signing of contract.

To qualify for consideration in the tender procedure, interested companies are required to submit the following information and documents for eligibility assessment:

1) Official letter expressing interest.

2) Company details including full company name, full address, phone and email.

3) Copy of company registration certificate.

4) Proof of membership at the Lebanese Contractors Syndicate under either one or

multiple categories:

a. “Special Buildings” ( المباني المتخصصة ) for projects in group 6 (less than 0.5 million


b. And/or “Special Buildings” ( المباني المتخصصة ) for projects in group 5 (between 0.5

to 1 million USD).

c. And/or “Buildings” ( المباني ) for projects in group 5 (between 0.3 to 1 million



5) Company profile including number of employees (total permanent and total

temporary), their field of activity and qualifications.

6) References of works of similar nature, at least 3 projects with a minimum commission

value of 30,000 USD , such as fire escape stairs.

Please specify the total value of works if possible, and year(s) of implementation (performed within the last three (3) years) – please include pictures of these works.

7) Annual total turnover for each of the last three (3) years, with an average of around 60,000 USD.

8) Evidence of ownership of equipment and machinery necessary to execute the works or evidence of possibility to hire the same.

9) Experience with international organizations

10) Statement of commitment for ensuring dedication to the project timeline.

11) Filled questionnaire sent with this Expression of interest (please note that most information requested above are part of the questionnaire).

Please note that the company must meet all criteria mentioned in the Assessment Grid for checking the eligibility, to qualify for the shortlist.

How to apply

The information and documents specified above shall be submitted to GIZ in PDF format on

Friday, June 7th 2024 by 23:59 Beirut local time at the latest to the following email

address: [email protected].

The subject line must be clearly marked as follows:

“83465085 Expression of Interest for “Construction Services for equipping GIZ building in Hazmieh with fire escape stairs.”


If you have questions about this call for expression of interest, please contact us at the

following email ([email protected]). Deadline for questions is Tuesday, June 4th 2024,

before 13:00 Beirut Local Times.


Please do not send technical or price offer or other documents not requested. Kindly note that complete tender documents will be sent to up to five (5) best ranked and shortlisted companies that will be assessed as eligible and qualified by GIZ based on the information and documents submitted as specified above.


N.B. The maximum mailbox receive size is capped at 25 MB. Documents exceeding the mentioned MB should be transferred via : Start ( (Provide the password)

Friday, 07. Jun 2024
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Safety and Security
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
One to Two Months