Request For Proposal-Procurement for Reforestation ( digging holes and fence installation) in Rass Baalbek and Qaa

Introduction and Background

Cooperation Without Borders (CWB) for Tailored Development is a Lebanese non-governmental organization initiated in 2017 by a group of activists and experts interested in promoting inclusive and resilient socio-economic development across the country. CWB is recognized by the Ministry of Interior & Municipalities under the official publication number 1168. It believes in participatory approaches and community-based initiatives and adopts the principles of partnerships, targeting, empowerment, gender equality, and innovation. CWB targets vulnerable communities to help them cope with various socio-economic risks and accordingly improve their resilience in a multi-dimensional challenging environment. CWB values every member of the community and works with local actors to develop their skills and services to help in achieving sustainable development.

CWB is currently implementing Reforestation Activities. “Smart Adaptation of Forest Landscape in Mountains Area project (SALMA)” in Qaa and Rass Baalbek in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

Project OverView

Smart Adaptation of Forest Landscape in Mountains Areas project (SALMA), is a three years project aiming in achieving climate resilience of vulnerable ecosystems and rural communities living in and partially depending on these ecosystems. On the socio-economic level, this project, by being community-based, tends to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the local community in addition to creating a recreational site for local inhabitants to conduct open field and eco-tourism activities. The project aims at engaging local communities in the short-term design and implementation of the project as well as long-term sustainability of the management and monitoring of the planted forests. CWB is funded by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations ( FAO) to implement all activities listed in the RFP based on an agreement between FAO as a funder and CWB as a service provider to plant 6500 forest trees in 10 Ha over the two sites in Rass Baalbek and Qaa village.

The purpose of this RFP is to contract a service provider, having extensive technical experience in holes digging and or installation of a barbed fence to provide the service of digging 6500 holes and or installation of a barbed fence with specific dimensions listed in the RFPs in Qaa and Rass Baalbek villages.

Interested bidders are encouraged to apply to one or several bids taking into consideration the implementation time frame.



How to apply

Proposal Submission


The financial and technical proposals shall be presented in separate files, identified as such and submitted as hard copies in sealed envelopes, Each file must be clearly referenced with the RFP title and number ( specified on the cover page of this RFP) in addition to the applicant/bidder's


All proposals must be submitted before the submission deadline (inclusive) specified on the cover page of this RFP. Proposals should be signed and submitted as a hard copy in a tender box at CWB office-Rass Baalbek- Baalbek Hermel highway- After the fuel station