Centre Nassim For The Rehabilitation Of The Victims Of Torture

The Centre Nassim for the rehabilitation of the victims of torture is a project created by the SOLIDA movement (Support of Lebanese Detained Arbitrarily) and CLDH (Lebanese Centre for Human Rights). These NGOs were confronted with the problem of the lack of rehabilitation structures for the people who have been victims of torture. These persons suffer from three kinds of trauma: physical (related to torture, the bad conditions of detention, or lack of care), psychological (related also to torture and to the deterioration of their self-image

Overall Objectives: 
Its aim is to facilitate the rehabilitation and the social reintegration of victims of torture living in Beirut and in Lebanon. By victim of torture the Centre understands: victims of torture in Lebanese detention centres; victims of torture in illegal centres in Lebanon; victims of torture in Syria and Israel; Syrian victims of torture.
Centre Nassim provides support to any of the persons described above, and who have suffered torture from the State institutions or from de facto authorities, including the families of disappeared. The Centre does not deal with domestic violence. The Centre prioritises the victims of torture and of cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment. Priority is given to high risk groups (women, minors, disabled persons). The Centre adopts a multidisciplinary approach and is staffed with a team of professionals with the following profiles: psychologist, psychiatrist, general practitioner, physiotherapist, lawyer, social worker, and employment adviser.
Start Date
Mon, 01/10/2007 - 3:00am
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Collaboration with Other Organisations
The Centre works in cooperation and coordination with other institutions in Lebanon and abroad.