INARA Tender Document - Supply Cotract Notice for Decentralized Solar Street Lighting Systems to be Installed in the City of Halba, Akkar

As part of the SUDEP South project in Halba, North Lebanon, known as INARA project, we are launching a new call for decentralized solar street lighting systems to be installed in the city of Halba.

This project aims to supply up to 300 units of solar street lights to empower Halba Municipality to use renewable energy and improve the quality of life of its citizens, provide a decentralized (off grid mode) source of street lighting, create public awareness, involve the local community, ensure lightened street, save energy for other community needs and increase working hours in the city.

How to apply

The document is available on our website:

Or click on: for the full tender document.


Tuesday, 03. Apr 2018
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Infrastructure & Services Rehabilitation