Tripoli Youth Entrepreneurs/ روّاد الأعمال الشباب في طرابلس

Tripoli Youth Entrepreneurs

The main objective is to support local youth entrepreneurs in the establishment of start-ups in most vulnerable areas of the North, with the overall aim of spurring a sense of local entrepreneurship, expanding income opportunities for youth and stimulating local economic activity.


The support includes identifying key competitive sectors within the region and selecting and supporting youth entrepreneurs in setting up new competitive businesses within these sectors through the realization of business plan competitions and the provision of cash grants for the winners, training in business related skills, coaching and mentoring of entrepreneurs as well as support in marketing of products and services. In this relation the scope of work includes the identification of business incubation services required to enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of the newly established start-ups.


1- Participants should be Lebanese above 21 years

2- Team up with at least 2 Lebanese partners

Be one of the 4 winning projects that will win a grant up to $15,000

Apply now: fill in the attached application and send it on the following email:

[email protected]

For more info call BIAT on: 06/425605

Monday, 11. Jan 2016
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