Enhancing Non Formal Education For Palestinian Youths In North Lebanon

The youth of the Nahr El-Bared and Beddawi refugee camps face immense challenges on numerous fronts. The job market is severe, with both high unemployment and low wages as the norm. This situation is further complicated by the high rate of dropouts among students, as well as the lack of resources in schools at all age levels. In addition, camp youths often lack proper recreational facilities – which would give them a chance to develop important social skills, as well as provide relief to the harsh reality of life in the camps.
Enhancing Non-Formal Education project (ENFE II) aims to improve the camp youth’s chances for a better future. By building on the successes of ENFE I, the program seeks to continue making Palestinian youth more competitive in the difficult marketplace. ENFE II focuses on building capacity for vocational training and remedial education providers, as well as using sports as a cross-cutting program strategy to enhance the effectiveness of those priorities.

Overall Objectives: 
Palestinian Youth in the North of Lebanon have enhanced capabilities and life skills through non-formal education 1. Improved vocational training services and increase in the employability of 200 students 2. Improved learning support/after-school services (remedial education) to assist 600 elementary students (6-13 years old) 3. Improved access to sports activities, promoting personal development and healthy lifestyle for 2,000 youth
Start Date
Fri, 01/06/2012 - 3:00am
Project Status
Project Timeframe
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Education, Labor & Livelihoods, Refugees, Sports & Recreation
Project Location:
Collaboration with Other Organisations
Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), Najdeh Association, Women Program Association (WPA), Beit Atfal Al-Sumud (NISCVT), NAVTSS, Ghassan Kanafani Association, Tadamon, Sports Clubs, etc.