“Plants – trees and agricultural materials” - LB-ZH-01877

Action Against Hunger (ACF) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit organization, established in France in 1979. AAH’s vocation is to save lives by combating hunger, diseases, and other crises threatening the lives of helpless men, women and children. Action Against Hunger opened a mission in Lebanon in August 2006.


1. Description. ACF Lebanon is inviting competent and interested suppliers to submit their Bids to provide the following products:


Plants – trees and agricultural materials


Please find detail specifications in RFQ (ref. “RFQ_LB-ZB-01877”) which can be requested by e-mail.

[email protected]


2. Deadline for submission. All bids must be submitted before Friday 18th August 2023 at 16:00 in a sealed envelope or by email [email protected]


Note that Late Bids will be automatically rejected.


3. Clarification of Bid. Any request for clarification must be received by ACF by email

[email protected] at least 2 days before the deadline for submission of bids. ACF will reply to bidders' questions at least 1 days before the deadline for submission of bids.


4. Sections of Bid. Bidders are required to complete, sign and submit the following documents (Bid):


  1. RFQ (signature, stamp and the date on each page);
  2. Quotation filled by hand (signature, stamp and the date on each page);
  3. Experience and reference
  4. AAH Good Business Regulations


Additional documents to be provided:

  1. Copy of valid registration certificate and VAT (if applicable).
  2. Origin of the required good if applicable.


Failure to provide all of the above and in the formats stipulated may result in disqualification.


5. Award Criteria. The contract/purchase order will be awarded to the bidder who provided the best value for money for the requested items (cheapest price, good quality and best lead delivery time).


Note. No samples will be required to submit together with the Bid. Only shortlisted bidders will be requested to provide samples of each item for inspection if needed.


6. General.

- Submission of a Bid shall be deemed as an acknowledgement by the Bidder that all obligations stipulated by this ITB and RFQ will be met and, unless specified otherwise, the Bidder has read, understood, and agreed to all the instructions in this ITB and RFQ. 

-  ACF is under no obligation to award a contract/purchase order to any Bidder as a result of this ITB/ RFQ.

7. Cost. The Bidder shall bear all costs related to the preparation and/or submission of the Bid, regardless of whether its Bid was selected or not.  ACF shall in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the selection process.

How to apply

All bids must be submitted before Friday 18th August 2023 at 16:00 in a sealed envelope or by email [email protected]

Friday, 18. Aug 2023
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