Open Local Tender Publication / TDHI-MAKANI-012590/03/8-01 /Provision of Bus Transportation

Object of the Agreement: Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon (hereinafter referred to as TDH IT) is looking to sign a Service contract with a qualified Transportation Provider to provide transportation services for Children and Caregivers/ parents between different locations across Lebanon.

Selection and Awarding Criteria: The evaluation team shall review and evaluate the Financial and Technical Bids separately on the basis of their responsiveness to the requirements and technical specifications, and the other documentation required/provided:

TDH IT will conduct the evaluation solely on the basis of the Bids received, noting that the winning bidder knowingly making false information - whether in the tender or email communication will constitute false misrepresentation that will lead to financial penalties and/or termination of contract. Evaluation of Bids shall be undertaken in the following steps:


A-Essential Criteria (Pass/ Fail):

Criteria which bidders must meet to progress to the next round of evaluation. If a bidder does not meet any of the Essential Criteria, they will be excluded from the tender process immediately. These criteria are scored as ‘Pass’ / ‘Fail’.


  1. Original documents duly signed and stamped (Tender dossier / Eligibility declaration / tender registration form / financial offer (separate file)
  2. Legal Status including Bidder Registration in Country, Certificate of registration/incorporation, Tax and VAT Compliance.
  3. Financial Standing with ability to perform the commitments in the contract.
  4. Conflict of Interest.
  5. Proven experience in the provision of Bus Transportation
  6. Bid Validity period.
  7. Driver Check (based on driver quality check)


B -Technical Criteria: (Criteria A, weight 30%)

  1. Quality Check of the Vehicles (Criteria A1, weight 30%)


C - Evaluation of Financial Phase: Criteria B, weight 70%)

Bidder’s prices should demonstrate an economically advantageous position for TDH IT;

Fixed prices for the period of the agreement/contract; preferred at least 2 years.

How to apply

How to obtain the Tender – Open Local Tender dossier: The dossier will be available upon expression of interest to email [email protected] , and should include subject line “Request for tender dossier – TDHI-PROMOSSO-2023-03” including the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Contact name
  3. Telephone number
  4. Email

Last Day for requesting tender dossier:  December 07, 2023 by 13:00 o’clock

Deadline for Submission of the Bids:  December 16, 2023

For Enquiries:

All communication for clarifications must quote “TDHI-PROMOSSO-2023-03” and sent to the following email [email protected] before December 07, 2023 by 16:00 o’clock

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