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14/07/2020 - 3:17م

Mada is a non-partisan, non-sectarian Lebanese NGO which aims to reinforce the relationship between local communities and their natural environment for the satisfaction of their substantial needs.
Mada was established in Lebanon in 2000 and registered under decree #4336-AD 242 from MoI on Oct. 2000.
VisionMada strives for the emergence of balanced communities that are appreciative of diversity, open to the world, and respectful of human rights and social justice; communities that base their development on a long-term vision of public interest and on models that emphasize a harmonious relationship between human beings and their environment. Members of these communities would be committed, accountable, and creative citizens, able to realize their initiatives and unite their energies within effective partnerships.
MissionMada works with different groups in various developmental and environmental projects in Lebanon to facilitate dynamics of change, through endogenous and inclusive efforts as well as policies and regulations appropriate to local realities. Mada achieves this mission by:

supporting marginalized persons or groups and providing a space for initiatives carried out by actors who have the potential for change, and
contributing to the establishment of relationships or effective partnerships between local actors and other stakeholders.

Through its activities, Mada tries to ensure long-term mobilization and to inspire new practices of leadership while contributing to the emergence of a culture of collective action and responsibility.

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Executive Coordinator
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20, El Areed Street
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Delphine Compain



Mada is recruiting an evaluation expert to analyze and evaluate Mada’s Platform, which is a space that offers flexible support to Lebanese and Syrian civil society initiatives to help them grow and reach their full potential. The mission will take place between March and May 2021.

الخميس, 18 فبراير 2021
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The Evaluator will be responsible to conduct an external evaluation of the project ‘Rehabilitation of SMEs affected by the Beirut Blast and support to relaunch their economic activities’ funded by the Centre de Crise et de Soutien (CCS) and implemented by Mada Association in partnership with the Comité Catholique Contre la Faim et pour le Développement - Terre Solidaire (CCFD-TS).

الأحد, 7 فبراير 2021
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Mada association in collaboration with ARCS as Project Leader, currently has funding from the Italian Agency for International Cooperation to implement a 30 month project entitled “Promoting Vulnerable Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt” – AID 011528”.

الخميس, 11 مارس 2021

Under the scope of the project TAPSA-« Transition vers une agroécologie paysanne au service de la souveraineté alimentaire», co-funded by the French Agency for Development and CCFD-terre solidaire, technical consultancy will be provided in Akkar in order to promote a more sustainable agriculture and to validate an approach to support the emergence agricultural practices that respect the environment and allow quality agricultural production while optimizing natural interactions.

الأحد, 28 فبراير 2021
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The project aims at identifying the possible causes of school failure in Upper Akkar and to reinforce teachers