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Legal consultant (Lawyer)


1- Background Information:

Lebanon continues to witness multifaceted and intertwined crises that further aggravate a vulnerable socio-economic situation pushing a substantial percentage of Lebanon’s residents under the poverty line. The severe economic crisis was compounded with COVID-19 pandemic and a devastating blast in Beirut port that destroyed large neighbourhoods in the capital, and led, in August 2020, to the resignation of the government. In the absence of a functioning government, the socio-economic and Covid-19 situations have continued to deteriorate. 


Social Entrepreneurship (SE) is increasingly regarded as a tool capable of easing communal tensions and contributing to communities’ socio-economic development. SEs can “contribute to the economic security of all segments of the population and contribute to economic diver­sity as it invests in territorial development and proximity, promoting community participation, prioritizing local impacts and modelling participatory values”


In Lebanon, SE has recently gained more national visibility among urban communities in big cities. This can be explained by the fact that SE responds to the national priorities and is aligned with Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) goal, and the strategy of both the Livelihood and Social Stability Sector. During the past few years, several projects started promoting SE as a tool to strengthen social stability and support local economic development for Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian refugees. Some of the projects invested in building the knowledge and awareness of community members on social entrepreneurship, others supported the identification of social ventures and their evolvement into SE through the provision of ad hoc technical and financial support, while others focused on developing a legal framework for social entrepreneurship.

2- Brief presentation of project:

SEE Change: Oxfam in partnership with Beyond group and COSV is implementing an EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis (EUTF) Funded project entitled “Social Entrepreneurship








Ecosystem Change” (SEE Change).  As of September 2020, and over the course of three years, the project will be implemented in five different areas (Bekaa, Nabatieh, Jezzine, North, and Mount Lebanon)


The project aims to increase the impact of social entrepreneurial activities in Lebanon, creating employment and social stability opportunities, and supporting the local economy by providing technical and financial resources to support the scale-up, social and economic impact of around 60 existing SEs.


3- Purpose of recruitment:

Under the technical support provided for the SEE Change projects, we seek to hire a lawyer to analyse the legal situation of 4 Social Entrepreneurship projects, offer them legal advice, draft necessary documents, and lead the registration process to ensure their compliance with Lebanese laws and regulations.

The designated lawyer, will guide the projects through the registration process, pay all related fees, liaise with government authorities, and ensure compliance with all legal obligations.

 The lawyer will play a crucial role in establishing the legitimacy of these projects, enabling them to operate within the legal framework of the Lebanese authorities.


  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in law.
  • A practicing lawyer for more than 3-4 years.
  • Registered at the Beirut or Tripoli Bar Association.
  • Previous experience in registering companies and commercial foundations.
  • Previous experience with residency matter for Lebanese and foreign nationals. 



Interested lawyer should provide the following:

  1. Copy of a university degree (post selection)
  2. Registration Documents in the Bar association and of the legal office
  3. CV and Cover letter that detail area of expertise and professional experience.







  1. Financial proposal that depicts detailed pricing that includes all fees pertained to registration of these projects



There will be a Q&A session to answer all questions related to the specific circumstances of these businesses


Please submit the EOI and other documents by June 4th, 2023, midnight at the latest, to [email protected]  with “Lawyer Consultant” in the subject line. In case of any questions or inquiries, please contact us using the same email address.


How to apply

Please submit the EOI and other documents by June 4th, 2023, midnight at the latest, to [email protected]  with “Lawyer Consultant” in the subject line. In case of any questions or inquiries, please contact us using the same email address.

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Detailed timeline per deliverable to be agreed upon with the consultant.