Amel Association International
National CSO
LHDF Member: 
Contact Info: 
Virginie Lefèvre, [email protected], 71/855593
Intervention Date: 
Tuesday, 4 August 2020
Hotline Available: 
Hotline Info: 
76/849044 (individual asking for info / assistance, requests to volunteers, etc.)
Operation Locations: 
Intervention Types: 
Donating food and water (Basic needs and emergency response)
Provision of hygiene kits (Basic needs and emergency response)
Communication and information sharing
Coordination/ Organisation efforts
Mappings and data collection
Donating health equipment and medical supplies (Health and Psychosocial support)
Child Protection ( Protection)
Referrals (Protection)
Provision of volunteers (Support to aid and relief efforts)
Crowdfunding and donations (Support to aid and relief efforts)
Funding (Support to aid and relief efforts)
Assessment Conducted: 
Assessment Details: 
Elderly needs assessment with HAI
Assessment Summary: 
Elderly are isolated and in need of home based support (health, mental health, protection)
Intervention First Priority: 
Mental health support (Health and Psychosocial support)
Intervention Second Priority: 
Legal support and services (Protection)
Intervention Third Priority: 
Referrals (Protection)