Introduction to Permaculture


While permaculture is gaining popularity in Lebanon, especially within circles of people interested in self sufficiency and healthy living, it’s still an ambiguous concept to many. This 3-session course aims to introduce participants to the history, principles and design methodology of permaculture in an interactive way. 

Course description:

Permaculture is a holistic design approach that works with nature to help people provide their needs in an efficient way. This course gives participants a taste of the permaculture design process, through theoretical introductions followed by exercises and activities in which we try to apply some steps of the design methodology on an actual site. It gives an idea about what to expect in a full 72 hr Permaculture Design Course.

Outline of the sessions:

Session 1:

Permaculture history 

Ethics and principles 

Examples of permaculture sites from the Mediterranean region 

Session 2:

Overview of the design process

Base map 

Site survey (activity: observing sun/shade)

Questionnaire for site users

Session 3:

Information analysis

Defining main functions, systems and elements

Input / Output analysis game

Placement of elements:  zoning game 


Number of sessions:


Dates of sessions:

May June ( 3 hours/session)


Arabic, with technical terms in English

Course Pre-requisites:

Open to anyone with an interest in learning more about permaculture. No prerequisites. 

Instructor name:

Ms. Rita Khawand
Instructor Bio:

Rita is the co-founder of SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon. A little under a decade ago, after a career in the cultural sector as a performer, project coordinator, and fundraising officer in Lebanon and Euro-Mediterranean countries, Rita embarked on a personal and professional transition journey to a lifestyle grounded in permaculture (permanent culture / agriculture), working closely with municipalities, organizations, and individuals to raise awareness of sustainability issues and promote best practices. She studied with the late Patrick Whitefield (UK), as well as with Daniel Halsey (US). In 2014, she partnered with like-minded friends to establish SOILS in her native village of Saidoun (Jezzine caza), and has managed the organization ever since, promoting viable local solutions to global problems linked to development in rural areas, ecosystem conservation, and sustainable agriculture. She has organized the first internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in Lebanon over three consecutive years. She has also facilitated numerous workshops and training in agro-ecology, waste sorting, beekeeping, and composting.  


Contact Email:

[email protected]

How to contact:

please add the name of the course you’re interested to inquire about in the subject line. Note that registration is done via the form 

Participation Fees:

Standard – 110 000 LL

Reduced** – 70 000 LL

Solidarity* – Pay what you
can above the standard rate

*This fee enables to fund the reduced fee difference and allow concerned persons to have access to the course.
** For salaries under 1000$/month and having to pay house rental. If you do not fall under this categorie and still believe you should have the reduced fee, please contact us. The reduced rate is applicable for limited number of participants.