Introduction to Entomology: Discover The World of Insects


Insects are the oldest creatures on Earth. They survived the cretaceous era and the nuclear war. To understand the evolution of insects we need to study them through what’s known as entomology science.

Course description:

In this introductory course we will discover

Insect anatomy: What insects look like from the outside and the inside

General classification of insects: the classification and diversity of the insect kingdom. 

-Insect collection: how to collect insects (proper tools and techniques).  

-Insect conservation: how to create your own collection of insects and become an amateur entomologist.

Number of sessions:


Dates of sessions:

April (2 hours/session)


Arabic with technical words in English

Course Pre-requisites:

This course is open to environmental and biodiversity activists / enthusiasts, and to anyone interested in nature and insects. No prerequisites.

Instructor name:

Mr. Wael Yammine
Instructor Bio:

Wael Yammine studied agriculture engineering at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences. He’s currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Agriculture, researching the role of bumble bees in agro-ecosystems. 

Since the first year at university, Wael showed a passion towards the world of insects and started his own insect collection. He’s been collaborating with local and international associations working in entomology, such as the Hungarian Museum of Natural History. Wael is also a board member in SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon, where he’s experimenting in hot composting and soil regeneration.



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[email protected]

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Participation Fees:

Standard – 90 000 LL

Reduced** – 60 000 LL

Solidarity* – Pay what you can above
the standard rate

*This fee enables to fund the reduced fee difference and allow concerned persons to have access to the course.
** For salaries under 1000$/month and having to pay house rental. If you do not fall under this categorie and still believe you should have the reduced fee, please contact us. The reduced rate is applicable for limited number of participants.