First Steps Towards Sustainability in Architecture


This seminar introduces the philosophies, theories, and key concepts underpinning the principles of sustainable development and sustainability in relation to the built environment within the natural world. Together we shall address the occupant comfort, active and passive solutions, natural lighting, construction materials and an understanding of the main sustainable rating systems.

Course description:

This course is open to everyone who is interested in sustainability and architecture. Together we shall understand the criteria that makes our house/ building/ apartment/ city sustainable. The seminar is a combination of different learning techniques (analyzing documentaries, keyword research, discovery and understanding, guided visits, lectures and interactive exercises) incubated during the class hours associated to a learning by doing project.

Number of sessions:


Dates of sessions:

May - June (2 hours/session)



Course Pre-requisites:

This course is open to everyone who is willing to learn, share, contribute and experiment. No previous background is required, an interest in the topic is a must.

Instructor name:

Instructor Bio:

Elyesh is an architect, a sustainable development consultant on urban and Bldg level, a university instructor, an activist and a performer philosopher. He is a founding member of the NGO ODDD, a UNESCO GAP on ESD PN4 (Empowering youth). During the taught classes at university or ODDD activities with the community, he opted the interactive concrete art approach as tool to learn experiment and develop the contributors’ competencies. His art, work and interventions focus on sustainable transformation covering the different SDGs and the GCED philosophy.


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[email protected]

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Participation Fees:

Standard – 180 000 LL

Reduced** – 120 000 LL

Solidarity* – Pay what you
can above the standard rate

*This fee enables to fund the reduced fee difference and allow concerned persons to have access to the course.
** For salaries under 1000$/month and having to pay house rental. If you do not fall under this categorie and still believe you should have the reduced fee, please contact us. The reduced rate is applicable for limited number of participants.