Filmaking for amateurs


During this course the participants will learn the basics of making a short movie that can be sort of a documentary, presentation tool, summary of a project.

Course description:

In the first session, the participants will be introduced to the basics of filmmaking, Adobe premier program, and how to use it to edit and create their own movie. For the second session each participant will have to prepare a short 1-minute movie, that tackles the topic of public spaces in Lebanon. In addition to learning the basics of collecting and editing the information, the participants will be capable to present their own perspective of the public spaces in their region.

Number of sessions:


Dates of sessions:

March 16, 23 - 2 hours each



Course Pre-requisites:

This course is open for people from different background. A basic knowledge in Photoshop is a plus.

Instructor Bio:

Marie-Jean Malek is an architect, designer and activist. As a member of Organisation De Developpement Durable NGO, she earned an experience in different practices, such as facilitating, handmade work, designing and executing sustainable products.


Contact Email:

[email protected]

How to contact:

please add the name of the course you’re interested to inquire about in the subject line. Note that registration is done via the form.

Participation Fees:

Standard – 60 000 LL

Reduced*- 40 000 LL

Solidarity** – Pay what you can
above the standard rate

*This fee enables to fund the reduced fee difference and allow concerned persons to have access to the course.
** For salaries under 1000$/month and having to pay house rental. If you do not fall under this categorie and still believe you should have the reduced fee, please contact us. The reduced rate is applicable for limited number of participants.