Community-Targeting Sensitization Sessions On Mental Health Related Issues.

#000000;">Women Programme Association (WPA) in its capacity as a women-specific community- based organization(CBO), operationg under the overall supervision of the executive director Mrs. hafiza hawaili, through nine wmen programmes centres located in palestinian refugees camps across lebanon. These centres offer a wide range of integrated services that enhance the knowledge and capabilities of Palestinian refugee women through the provision of a wide range of social, cultural and recreational activities, as well as skills trainings and rehabilitation services.
#000000;">WPA , under the Awareness Raising Campaign on mental health and psychological support (MHPSS)-Related Issues , is organizing Community-Targeting Sensitization Sessions on Mental Health Related Issues following up on the recommendations of "the Needs assessment of Palestine Refugee Women in Lebanon: Challenges and Oputunities" conducted in 2013 by the relief and social services department at UNRWA with regards to the WPA support to the formation of self-support groups in which women are able to discuss personal issues, especially those concerning depression, mental -well being, amongst other issues.
#000000;">The afore mentioned Needs Assessment recommendations highlighted the role ofe the centres of the WPA as percieved by the local NGO's : " these centres are valuable community space and resource for poor women and girls as they allow women to engage in community-oriented activities with less stigma or objections from their families..."
#000000;">This Project aims to conduct Thirty (30) Community-Targeting Sensitiztion Sessions on Mental Health-related issues through specialized team of experts to Palestine refugee beneficiaries residing in the six camps.
#000000;"> Those sessions will be conducted over the period of eight months in the six camps and will target 600 participants from amongst parents and families of children and youth with disabilities.

Overall Objectives: 
The sensitization Sessions will provide counseling and guidance on how to provide psychological support to children and youth with MHPSS issues.
During the period of 8 months, six of the WPA will be delivering the following services : a) hosting the thirty(30) specialized community-targeting sessions at each of its centres at the camps. b) selecting the participants from amongst local caretakers, female caretakers of children and youth with mental health disorders and psychological issues. All Participants must be women aged between 20-40 years old . Each session will be delivered to two groups per camps. there will be 20 Participants per group at the Camps The duration of each session is two hours (including a 15-minutes break) c)organizing six (6) recreational activities to each group of participants : one recreational activity per camp during the term. d) Following-up on participation and venue-related logistical preparation in terms of ensuring that each targeted group sustain their participation throughout the planned sessions for each camps in Lebanon. e) contacting with the specialized team of experts and conducting dates of sessions.
Start Date
Sun, 01/05/2016 - 3:00am
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Mental Health
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Collaboration with Other Organisations
WPA wishes to collaborate with UNRWA in accordance with the terms and conditions set in the MOU signed between WPA and UNRWA