A.    Background

-    The WFP Lebanon Country Office seeks to outsource cafeteria/catering management services for the Canteen area at WFP Premises located at Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon.
-   WFP Lebanon has established its new facility in Lebanon, the premises have a canteen area for which the Office wishes to establish a Cafeteria fully managed by external supplier, including needed kitchen equipment, daily food catering and financial management of the services.
-    WFP invites eligible suppliers to express their interest in providing the full independent management of in-house office cafeteria.

B.    The purpose of this EOI 

-    The purpose of this request for EOI is to identify suppliers with verified technical and financial capacity to establish, manage and operate a Cafeteria/Restaurant for WFP staff members inside the premises.  
-   Eligible suppliers will be invited to participate in the bidding process for the proposed tender.
-   Eligibility to participate in the proposed tender will be determined on the basis of a previous experience in managing a similar cafeteria set up with the ability to present a full business plan including staffing organigram, financial report, and menu samples. Qualitative and cleanliness monitoring and reports are also required.  
-   After the deadline for submission of responses has passed, WFP will evaluate responses received and will notify eligible participants of the outcome of the evaluation.

How to apply

Please refer to the attached documents for full details.

In order to participate in the pre-qualification exercise, companies are required to provide the following:

The filled in EOI Response Form, which includes:
•    Table 1. WFP Requirements
•    Table 2. Supplier Information.
•    Table 3. Supplier Financial Status.
•    Table 4. Supplier Relevant Experience.
•    Table 5. Supplier registration form.
•    Table 6. Signatory by the authorized company representative and company stamp.

1.    All supporting documentation listed above shall be prepared in accordance with the instructions provided and sent by email to [email protected]
2.    WFP will not consider incomplete or unsigned submissions. All responses and supporting documentation received will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be made available to the public.
3.    This request for EOI does not constitute a solicitation. WFP reserves the right to change or cancel this procurement process or any of its requirements at any time during the process; any such action will be communicated to all participants. 
4.    Attached are the results of the WFP staff dining preference survey.
5.    Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] 

Monday, 01. Nov 2021
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Call for Proposals
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