LCRP Business Continuity Plan For COVID-19

The LCRP Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19 reviews ongoing impact on LCRP operations and outlines risks and critical interventions needed to ensure life-saving access to services and protection for the most vulnerable displaced persons from Syria and vulnerable Lebanese during COVID-19 situation. It aims to safeguard LCRP’s critical operations, follows a risk mitigation approach and is an operational document that will be updated regularly to reflect the changing context.

Two possible scenarios have been used as a point of reference, recognizing the current impact and that measures are already being undertaken by partners:

  • Outbreak Containment: Lebanon is currently in the containment phase. The cases confirmed to date have been imported by exposure from a country with local transmission or through contact with infected positive cases. LCRP will maintain the operations of essential activities by adapting modalities where required to avoid disruption. All critical activities are listed in the Business Continuity – Critical Activities matrix below.
  • Community Transmission: When positive cases become untraceable (not epidemiologically linked to travel or to a positive case), the country will start to experience community transmission and will therefore move from containment to mitigation phase. LCRP will maintain the operations of critical activities at a minimum level through further adaptation. 
United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees
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Friday, 20 March 2020
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