CEF/LBN/2024/003 Provision of routine vaccination to all children from birth up till 18 years of age, through border sites, UNHCR vaccination sites and in lowest coverage districts

The objective is to build on the success of previous efforts to increase vaccination rates, and access to vaccine in Lebanon. The focus is to ensure children did not drop out of their routine immunization by utilizing outreach vaccination efforts and referring caregivers to nearby PHCCs. The strategy begins with an assessment to identify priority districts characterized by insufficient vaccine coverage. Mobile vaccination units will then be strategically implemented in these high-risk areas to not only enhance accessibility but also expand coverage within vulnerable communities. A key focus lies in community engagement strategies designed to combat vaccine hesitancy and elevate awareness regarding the importance of vaccination. Simultaneously, collaborative efforts with relevant authorities to support and facilitate the implementation of Immunization Activities at border regions and UNHCR sites. Giving the need that raising awareness for all people crossing the borders, and maintain systematic immunization against polio and measles for every child crossing the border since according to WHO The overall risk at regional level was assessed as moderate due to porous boundaries allowing free movement between Lebanon and Syria, the low vaccination coverage and recent measles outbreaks reported in neighboring countries. To determine effectiveness, a systematic monitoring and evaluation framework will be implemented, ensuring ongoing assessment of the impact of vaccination initiatives. This multifaceted approach aims to fortify Lebanon's immunization landscape and mitigate the risks associated with low vaccine coverage, particularly in high-risk districts and vulnerable populations.

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Monday, 04. Mar 2024
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