The Mediterranean Forum for Applied Ecosystem-Based Management (MED4EBM) project aims to enhance the capacities of various stakeholders and institutional actors involved in managing coastal and marine areas. In addition, the Project will help to establish a cooperation and coordination platform to implement Ecosystem-Based Integrated Coastal Zone Management (EB-ICZM) effectively. The MED4EBM Project will tackle this issue by assisting ICZM actors in four coastal areas of Jordan, Italy, Lebanon, and Tunisia. In this context, Tyre Coast Nature Reserve (TCNR), partner of Med4EBM project, is looking for an Ecosystem Based Birds Ecology Expert. The end of Project phase involves a data gathering campaign to fill in gaps and strengthen the foundation for data gathering continuity after the Project ends. The EB BE expert will join TCMR’s team in the last month of the Project’s implementation along with three other experts contracted for this purpose.


Main Responsibilities and Deliverables

The EB Birds Ecology expert will be responsible for the following:

  1. Work with other project experts to handle, analyze and interpret data collected during the project
  2. Contribute new valuable data related to TCNR
  3. Participate in stakeholders’ meetings and training workshops
  4. Support TCNR’s management
  5. Provide training to the reserve’s team and key stakeholders on information supported management
  6. Produce a guideline for protection of native birds from invasive bird species and long term monitoring


Qualification and Skills

  1. Post graduate degree in Birds Ecology, Marine Sciences, or relevant academic background, with focus on birds in the Mediterranean Sea Coastal Zone
  2. High Coordination and Organizational skills
  3. Fluent in English and Arabic, both spoken and written
  4. Familial with field work and knowledgeable in TCNR environmental and socioeconomic settings
  5. Adept in data handling, analysis and interpretation with focus on scientific and technical reporting




How to apply

Application and Contract Modality

  1. Applications can be submitted by e-mail to TCNR: [email protected], copying the Project Manager: Dr. Ali Badreddine :[email protected])
  2. Application subject must be specified in the e-mail as MED4EBM EB BE Consultant
  3. Applications must include a letter of interest, applicant’s updated CV and a lump sum financial offer
  4. Applications deadline: Friday September 1st 2023
  5. Contract Modality and Payment: Lump sum contract payable upon satisfactory provision of the deliverables, not later than September 25th  2023
Friday, 01. Sep 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Remuneration range:
3000 to 4000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
one months