Disability and Development: Is The Rights Model of Disability Valid in The Arab Region? An Evidence-Based Field Survey in Lebanon and Jordan

This paper reviews the process and outcome of constructing a “rights model of disability” which is culturally specific to Jordan and Lebanon. The objective of the empirical part was, to survey the current level of attitudes of non-disabled people towards their disabled fellows in Jordan, and to compare the attitudes of Lebanon’s university students towards five different categories of disabled people (mentally disabled people, psycho-socially disabled people, physically disabled people, hearing impaired people and visually impaired people) to highlight the variations and diversity among them. It also examined the relationship between the attitudes and various demographic and social characteristics of the respondents. The set of findings was further tested and triangulated through meta-analysis of individual views expressed in the qualitative studies.

Syria Regional Refugee Response
Publishing Date: 
Tuesday, 1 January 2008
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Studies and Reports
Disability & Special Needs
Anti-Discrimination, Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights, Disability & Special Needs, Human Rights & Protection