Guide To High Impact Activities With Low Costs: "ways To Build A More Pleasant Learning Environment"

This guide has been designed by Mada, in close partnership UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, based on the good practices collected within the UNICEF funded project “Let’s All Go to School Initiative”. It has been prepared to serve as a reference tool to help in boosting up the educational and pedagogical process and developing the child’s personality, especially in deprived environments lacking the most basic recreational and cultural means.The guide offers easily implementable low-cost extracurricular activities and presents the reader with an overview of reference material and guides on different types of activities.
The “Let’s All Go to School Initiative” project aimed to create a sustainable mechanism for child right oriented recreational activities, by empowering 12 public schools in Akkar and Hermel (Lebanon) with the capacity to be able to fundraise, plan and implement extracurricular activities and establish a child friendly educational environment, that will contribute to the retention of children in school, increasing their access to education and play.
The Best Practice Guide is available in Arabic and English both in soft and hard copy.
Authors:  Claudette Ayyoub and Aicha Mouchref (Mada Association)
Partners: UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Mada Association
Publishing Date: 
Thursday, 25 July 2013
Resource Type: 
Guides & Tools
In Association with: 
UNICEF and the Ministry of Education