Logar Disabled Women Social Association

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21/09/2023 - 6:39pm

The Logar Disabled Women Social Association (LDWSA) is a dedicated Civil Society Organization (CSO) that has been working tirelessly since 2018 to bring about positive change and betterment for women in Afghanistan, with a strong focus on education, health, agriculture, human rights, disability inclusion, and livelihood opportunities through skill trainings.

Education plays a crucial role in empowering women, and LDWSA recognized this from the start. The organization strives to provide educational opportunities for girls and women in Logar, ensuring they have access to quality education. By promoting education, LDWSA aims to build a strong foundation for women to thrive and contribute effectively to their communities.

In addition to education, LDWSA understands the significance of healthcare in improving the lives of women. The organization raises awareness about reproductive health, provides medical assistance, and offers support services to survivors of gender-based violence. By focusing on health, LDWSA works towards ensuring the well-being and welfare of women in Logar.

LDWSA also recognizes the importance of agriculture as a means of livelihood for many women in the region. The organization supports women in agriculture by providing training, resources, and market linkages, enabling them to enhance their farming skills and generate sustainable income for themselves and their families.

Human rights are a core aspect of LDWSA's work. The organization advocates for gender equality, women's rights, and the inclusion of women in decision-making processes at all levels. LDWSA collaborates with governmental bodies, community leaders, and other stakeholders to promote policies and initiatives that create an equitable and just society for women.

Disability inclusion is another key focus area for LDWSA. The organization works to remove barriers and create an inclusive environment for women with disabilities, ensuring they have equal access to education, health services, and livelihood opportunities.

Livelihood opportunities are essential for women's economic empowerment. LDWSA offers skill training programs, entrepreneurial support, and microfinance opportunities, helping women develop their own businesses and become self-reliant.

Through its diversified approach, LDWSA strives to create a lasting impact on the lives of women in Logar. By addressing their needs in education, health, agriculture, human rights, disability inclusion, and livelihood opportunities, LDWSA aims to contribute to a more equal and prosperous society for all women in Afghanistan.

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Local Civil Society Organisation
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Advocacy & Awareness
Human Rights & Protection
Social & Cultural Development
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+93786000765, +93749822455
Naim Zai Plaza
1401 Pole Alam , Lowgar province
Phone: +93749822455
Lowgar province AF
Pole Alam
Naim Zai Plaza
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Zahra Noorullhaq
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