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The closing session aimed at evaluating the workshop by the supervisory board, the workshop management, partners and trainees, where Mr. Mohamed Said Al-Maoush delivered the speech of the Lebanese Association for Initiative and Development, who thanked all the participants and praised the efforts of the supervisory body and all partners, especially Dr. Atef Abel Majid, expressing his happiness that the workshop achieved its objectives, announcing the opening of bonds of cooperation with everyone in the Arab world.

The closing session was opened with a speech by Ms. Dina Assouma, responsible for coordinating the programs of the Global Foundation for Training and Development in the Arab world, welcoming all attendees and congratulating the trained trainees for their first passing of the course, stressing the importance of training and the richness of the Arab world with training energies.

Dr. Atef Abdel Majid, CEO of ARTDO International, expressed his gratitude in cooperating with the success partners who organized the course, noting that the Foundation took it upon itself to raise the efficiency of Arab trainers, announcing a strong Arab breakthrough for the Foundation, praising the efforts of Ms. Dina Assouma, responsible for coordinating the programs of the International Training Corporation and development in the Arab world in the preparation of the Arab team, the workshop and the webinar, and he praised the organizers of the Lebanese Foundation for Initiative and Development in the presence of its president, Mr. Maher Al-Hajj, and the October Center for Training and Rehabilitation in the presence of the Director of Programs and Training, Dr. Abdullah Abdul Hamid, who prepared Arab training packages with distinction, and praised the wonderful hosting and organization of the Hadouta media platform, the administrative and technical staff, the trainers and trainees.

Dr. Atef also introduced Mr. Peter Elek, who attended the closing session as a representative of the International Training Corporation in the United States of America, and who in turn invited the trainees and the Arab team to attend the opening of the Foundation's headquarters in America.

Then there were precious words for the organizers, which began with the Lebanese Foundation for Initiative and Development represented by Mr. Muhammad Al-Maoush, then the speech of Dr. Abdullah Abdel Hamid, representing the October Center for Training and Development, and Mr. Osama Nasek, Executive Director of the Media Portal, the media partner, who praised the work and cooperation, putting all their capabilities and experiences in order to prepare Arab cadres that emulate international standards.

Then were the words of professional international trainers, Engineer Abdullah Al-Duhail from Saudi Arabia, coach Karim Sherky Mohsen from Morocco, coach Maher Al-Hajj from Lebanon, coach Abdul Aziz Al-Madfa Al-Hadabi from Sultanate of Oman, and Dr. Abdullah Abdul Hamid from Egypt, who in turn addressed words of thanks and greetings to those in charge of the work and the trainees, noting that this Training is a historical station in terms of trainers of different nationalities, multiple cultures and capable experiences. 

The session concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participants, organizers and the logistic team, with a brief explanation of the completion project file, which will be obtained after the participants pass an approved certificate.

The workshop lasted for three weekly sessions, from 3 to 29 April 2021.

The workshop sessions aimed at developing the capabilities of the trainees and providing them with practical skills in digital training, in light of digital transformation and facing the current training challenges in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also, through the sessions presented by a group of Arab professional trainers, the objectives of the workshop were achieved, as the trainees were able to:

*- Integrating digital transformation in the field of training.

*- Using the ADDIE model to design training programs.

*- Distinguishing between advanced digital training strategies.

*- Application of digital training technology models.

*- Use of digital tools and means in the virtual environment.

*- Planning digital training activities.

Practical Skills Workshop in Digital Training Ceremony

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