The title of the dialogue session organized by the Lebanese Association for Initiative and Development on the occasion of International Women’s Day, with the participation of distinguished guests:
Dr. Soha Shaker, Dr. Khawla Al-Hashem, Professor Khadija Amsha and journalist Islam Juha.
The episode was prepared and moderated by the association's media officer, Ms. Hanadi Zaarour, with the participation of the distinguished media figure, Rama Al-Jarrah.

The association’s speech was delivered by Mr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Maoush, who referred to the role of women in promoting initiative and community development in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development, goals that coincided with the objectives of the association and which enhance women’s leading role in social responsibility.

The dialogue with the guests focused on the role of women as a key partner in building family and community renaissance, in addition to women’s individual initiatives and their contribution to social responsibility and achieving sustainable development goals. The guests also talked about the role of local associations in developing women’s professional, practical, scientific, and community capabilities.

The seminar concluded with honoring Ms. Salha Kaddour, who was chosen and honored by the International Organization for Voluntary Work. The President of the Association, Mr. Maher Mohamed Al-Hajj, congratulated Mrs. Kaddour for this honor, and thanked everyone for the distinguished preparation of the seminar, the work team, the guests and the attendees, stressing the association’s permanent support for the role of women. As a partner in renaissance and building the individual and society and building a better world.

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Sat, 13/03/2021 - 7:00pm
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Barja , Mount Lebanon
Mount Lebanon LB
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Talk / Lecture
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