A Practical guide for Civil Society Organisations in Lebanon on Communication & Visibility

NGOs now have a growing need for Information and Communication specialists, whose task usually consists of supporting the organisation by shedding light on its activities, organising its media campaigns and communicating with external parties, which would yield bene ts to the organisation’s projects in the  eld of development, charity or change.

The purpose of this guide is to provide NGOs with key information and guidelines pertaining to the major aspects of communication and ways in which they can highlight their work. It is primarily useful for workers in the Information and Communication departments at NGOs, or for those who are willing to engage in this field within their institutions. It examines the major aspects of enhancing the organisation’s communication and visibility. This guide can also be used by all NGO workers, as it allows them to develop their knowledge resources pertaining to the most prominent components of this field.

The Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action
Publishing Date: 
Thursday, 5 August 2021
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Guides & Tools
Civil Society Development
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Civil Society Incubator