Consultation for the creation of the Med Trails Network brand identity, website, communication strategy, and marketing plan.

The "Med Trails Network" project's communication plan includes several communication and marketing tools. The development of an identity reflecting the network's values, the development of a website promoting the network and its members, and the development of a marketing strategy declined in a strong marketing plan are key elements in the network’s implementation, development, and visibility. In this frame, the general objectives are:

- Elaborate a brand identity reflecting the values of the Med Trails Network.

- Designing and developing a user-friendly and interactive website promoting the network and its members.

- Assisting in the elaboration of a communication strategy and plan including a marketing plan.

expected deliverables:

• A complete “ready-to-implement” communication strategy and marketing plan.

• Main logo and variants.

o Logos formats. svg, .png, and .ai.

o Logo animation.

Brand guidebook. including graphic charter

Communication kit for partners and network members.

Teaser of network and its identity.

Slogan and statements.

Digital templates:


o Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

o Social network post.

o Newsletter.


o Functional website.

o User-friendly backend (such as WordPress, using Elementor plugin)

Ready-to-print communication tools:

o Leaflets, flyers.

o Roll-up and backdrop.

o Variations for goodies.

Concept notes for various communication activities such as campaigns, videos, brochures, or any other activities defined in the communication and marketing plan.

3 versions for each deliverable: English, French, and Arabic.

Budget:  Budget The maximum budget for this consultancy is 43 000€ incl. tax

How to apply

Provider profile

The service provider must satisfy the following technical requirements:

- At least 3 years experience in brand identity creation, communication and marketing strategy, consulting and planning, and web design.

- A team with demonstrated academic background and professional experience in communication, marketing, graphic design, web design, and creative campaigns.

- At least 3 references for services similar to the present one (technical, strategic, and assistance aspects), and a qualitative book/portfolio

- Comprehension, agility, and a capacity of adaptation to the project values, to the specific topics covered, and to the target audience – that shall be demonstrated in the methodology proposal

- Fluency in English, French, and Arabic.

- Experience in working for non-profit organizations/projects/campaigns…is a plus.

- Experience on hiking trails, tourism, sustainability, environment preservation…is a plus.



Tender documents (attached to this announcement)

The call for tender is composed as follows:

Terms of reference

• Annex 1 – Tender procedures

• Annex 2 – Technical application form

• Annex 3 – Financial application form.

Submission Application deadline: 20/03/2024 12:00 pm (CET/France time).

Any questions about the call for proposal should be addressed before 11/03/2024 12:00 pm (CET/France time)

Answers will be published all together on the 13/03/2024 end of the day, online:

Selection phase (pre-selection / interviews/selection): 01/04/2024 to 08/04/2024.

Applications should be sent to: [email protected] and [email protected]

Wednesday, 20. Mar 2024
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Call for Proposals
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