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Elizabeth Rebeiz
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Project Manager
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The site engineer will act as day-to-day manager on the construction site of the primary irrigation channel, and (S)HE will be the main source of technical advice and quality control for everyone working on it. The role also involves controlling the leveling and surveying of the site, checking drawings and quantities and ensuring the accuracy of calculations.
The site engineer will plan the work to be done and organize things so that deadlines are met. If technical or any other problems crop up, it is up to the site engineer to resolve them to ensure that the project successfully reaches completion.
The main duties/responsibilities will be to assist and liaise with appointed designers, professional Consultants and Contractors and can be divided into two stages;

Construction Stage

a)            Daily coordination of progress of works with the Project Manager.
b)            Review all work packages weekly to ensure tasks and activities are co-ordinated in line with those outlined in the project document and according to the agreed work plan;
c)            Review the mobilization, Health and Safety & Environment, planning, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, schedules, etc... of the Contractor.
d)            Attend weekly Construction staff meetings to discuss and coordinate with other Package Managers, Superintendents and Engineers all pertinent issues relevant to the construction.
e)            With the assistance of the Contractor, preparation of a cash flow.
f)             Report to the Consultant and the Client on any problem with the Contractor concerning the contract, on behalf and to the best interest of the Client.
g)            Schedule and chair weekly Progress and Coordination for all Contractors; discussing key topics such as Safety, Progress, adherence to Program, as well as technical issues that are potentially delaying the works. Prepare and distribute minutes.
h)            Organize and attend weekly meetings with Contractor.  Maintain a copy of all records/submittals and transmit them to the Client.
i)              Follow up on all Clients’ approvals/decisions.
j)              Audit the Contractor’s invoices and to ensure that appropriate accounting records are kept.
k)            Evaluate and submit for Client approval any variation orders and any value engineering alternatives during construction.
l)              Report to the Client on the time and cost overrun.
m)          Report regularly on the progress and quality of work.
n)            Program and enforce all safety rules and regulations.

o)            Co-chair bi-weekly “Safety Meeting” to ensure adequate adherence to safety codes and regulations.

p)            Spot check material and construction is in accordance to specifications.
 Handing Over Stage
a)            Attend handing-over site visits.
b)            Safe keep all the manuals, spare parts, as-built, etc. on behalf of the Client.
c)            Coordinate the handing-over between the Contractor and Operator.
d)            Review the discharge letter and final invoice of the Contractor.
e)            Follow up on the completion of snags during the defects liability period.



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13 Nov, 2015
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Monday, 2 February 2015
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4 months
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Bachelor Degree
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Civil Engineer
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