Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy

Requested Scope of Work

The selected individual/firm will be expected to design a comprehensive evaluation plan, data collections tools (including KIIs, FGDs, and surveys), methodology, schedule (calendar and estimated level of effort days), and reports in detailed document (Word/Pdf) and summary presentations (PowerPoint or other).

The project evaluation shall consider all of the following components: quality of the design of the project, relevance to the organization’s strategy and values, understanding of community needs, efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention, impact left of the community, sustainability of the work done and to provide suggested recommendations for future programming.

How to apply

Proposal Format

The proposals submitted ought to be in English, a single document in Word or PDF format and should have the following structure:

  • Cover Page
  • Welcome Note
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology (Up to 5 pages max)
  • Schedule (Calendar & forecasted level of effort days)
  • Prior Experience (Brief line or two about each project, up to 20 max, and diversity of contexts/clients/themes is of an added value)
  • Team Profiles
  • Financial Proposal
  • Contact Information
  • Appendix (Any additional information you believe will showcase your expertise or strengthen your proposal overall)


File name ought to be as follows: [KL04-116] Firm/Person Name – Project Evaluation Consultancy Proposal

Example: [KL04-116] John Smith - Project Evaluation Consultancy Proposal

Submission Address: [email protected]

Deadline: May 31 at 5pm, Beirut Timing.


  • Financial proposals ought to be detailed, lump sum proposals will not be considered.
  • Financial proposals ought to be all inclusive of costs to implement the full project evaluation.
  • Financial proposals ought to be valid for at least 60 calendar days.
  • Team Profiles should highlight relevant expertise in project evaluation, research, development work, Syrian Refugees context and/or a mix of those.
  • KeyLearn might require the shortlisted applicants to sign a non-disclosure agreement during negotiations phase prior to any commitments or signature of agreements.


Friday, 31. May 2019
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Development, Environment, Gender issues, Good governance and transparency, Refugees